• written by Jasper August 19, 2020

    Bomer x Benson Collection for Privé Revaux

    Matt Bomer and Ashley Benson collaborated for a gender-neutral collection for the eyewear brand, Privé Revaux. Every piece is available in a variety of colors, such as rose gold and tortoise, at $40. Matt and Ashley also spoke exclusively with InStyle to talk about their collection, their quarantine clothes, and fashion items they’ve lost and never found. More details to come on priverevaux.com on its official launch tomorrow, August 20th. Meanwhile, below you check out the cute campaign video they released, and some outtakes in our gallery! The full interview with InStyle can also be read under the cut.

    What makes this collection stand out from others that you’ve done or seen?

    Ashley Benson: “This collection is fun and gender-neutral.”

    Matt Bomer: “Hopefully it’s that there’s a personal element to the collection. We tried to draw on a wide array of influences and iconography that have inspired or meant something to us.”

    Are there certain sunglasses styles that you, personally, prefer to wear?

    AB: “Black is always my go-to. Shape-wise, I love more of a square frame.”

    MB: “I always have a pair similar to the Kents in our collection, and some type of Aviator like the Cliffs. But I like to mix it up. That’s what I love about Privé, you can try new styles and keep your eyewear interesting and fresh without breaking the bank.”

    Do you believe fashion can change your mood?

    AB: “Fashion definitely plays a part in my mood. There are times when I want to be super lazy, comfy, and casual but still feel sexy, so sweats and a crop top are my go-to. But then I can put on jeans and a T-shirt with converse or a slip dress and feel great as well.”

    MB: “I think the way fashion affects people is highly personal. For me, the color shirt I choose in the morning can affect my mood and attitude, or just reflect how I’m feeling if I don’t feel like changing.  Sometimes, I see articles of clothing or a pair of frames that, for me, perfectly reflect the moment we’re living in.”

    What’s a ‘happy’ item or outfit that you like wearing in the summer?

    AB: “Happy items for summer that I love are Levi shorts and a good slip dress.”

    MB: “I think this is a summer where many of us are getting in touch with how clothes make us feel. Because the reality is probably that we’re wearing them for ourselves, and those nearest and dearest to us.  A summer staple for me would be a clean white T-shirt with some type of on-trend navy pant and white sneakers, but this summer I’m setting it off with a tie-dyed bucket hat from a company called Brain Dead. It just felt like it captured something about 2020 when I saw it.”

    How do you balance fun things such as fashion when everything feels so heavy right now?

    AB: “Right now, it’s all about being comfortable. It’s been kind of nice not having to get all dressed up. Sweats and sweatshirts are my favorite thing at the moment.”

    MB: “I’m not gonna lie, I’ve spent a good portion of the quarantine in the most comfortable clothes I could find. But there was a moment when I decided to get up and get dressed as if it were a normal day, Monday to Friday, even though I wasn’t leaving the house. I found that, for me, it helped to create a sense of routine that gave me a little bit of comfort. Again, that’s just for me.”

    Since people always misplace their sunglasses, has there ever been an article of clothing you’ve misplaced that you still miss and think about?

    AB: “I’ve misplaced my favorite re/done jeans and a couple of Saint Laurent jackets. I usually end up losing things and finding them months later, but these specific items are still missing!”

    MB: “Honestly, lately it was my favorite mask. It’s amazing how quickly we become attached to things. Thankfully, I found it.”

    When it comes to accessories, are you ‘more is more’ or ‘less is more’?

    AB: “With accessories, it kind of just depends. Sometimes I pile them on and other times I leave it very minimal or none at all.”

    MB: “I’m a less is more person, but I secretly admire those who can pull off more is more as well.”

    When it comes to your outfit, do you prefer to stand out, go incognito, or a little of both?

    AB: “It depends. I usually like to be more casual, but it’s fun every now and then to go a little over-the-top.”

    MB: “It depends on where I’m going, who I’m going to see, and whether or not I want to draw attention to myself. If I’m unsure about a dress code, I’ll typically err on the side of dressing as nice as possible.”

    What are three items you never leave home without during the summer?

    AB: “I never leave home without sunglasses, chapstick, and my phone.”

    MB: “My MASK. I repeat, my MASK. In a normal summer, without question, sunglasses. In Los Angeles especially. I also have to wear sunscreen or I’ll get fried. And, like everyone, my phone.  At the height of summer, I usually always have something cold to drink as well.”

    What’s a bright spot that you’re looking forward to in the future?

    MB: “I’m looking forward to meeting my beautiful new niece, Fallon. Hugging my extended family. Seeing friends. So many things.  And I’m looking forward to a world that is forever changed for the better because of the things we’ve learned and listened to during this time.”

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