• Vanity Fair spoke with Matt and Jonathan about their upcoming limited series, Fellow Travelers. They shared very interesting things about the show, like how they came on board the project, the epic and sexy romance between their characters, and much more. First look photos have also been released, which you can now find in our gallery!

    When Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey first met at a coffee shop on Cumberland Street in Toronto, on the verge of beginning six months of filming for their decades-spanning limited series Fellow Travelers, they made a pact to have each other’s backs. Sounds simple enough, given that they were about to embark on some of the richest screen work of their respective careers. But over Zoom, both actors speak of that introduction now as almost sacred. Watch Fellow Travelers, and you’ll understand why. The Showtime epic depicts an extraordinary intimacy between its lead characters, and asks for true vulnerability from Bomer and Bailey, who deliver without compromise.

    Adapted by Oscar nominee Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia) from Thomas Mallon’s 2007 novel, Fellow Travelers (premiering this fall on Paramount+ With Showtime) examines the volatile, passionate, deeply loving romance between Hawkins Fuller (Bomer), a charismatic if somewhat opaque war hero turned political staffer, and Tim Laughlin (Bailey), a religious idealist looking for his way into the DC grind. They meet at the dawn of the early-’50s Lavender Scare, in which Senator Joseph McCarthy and his chief counsel Roy Cohn purged whomever they deemed gay or lesbian from government roles—dubbing them communist sympathizers—and sparked a national moral panic around homosexuality. The series then builds into a kind of grand chronicle of queer American history, tracing the evolution of Hawk and Tim’s relationship through various eras before culminating in the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s.

    The project came to Bailey at a serendipitous moment. For the first time in his life, the breakout star of Bridgerton was in demand and being asked what he wanted to do next. “My answer was always, ‘Well, I’d love to do a sweeping gay love story,’ but my experience actually was that I’d never really seen them,” Bailey says. “Or if I had, I hadn’t seen actors like me and Matt play those roles.” (Both Bailey and Bomer identify as gay.) That dream opportunity abruptly presented itself in Fellow Travelers, which Bailey joined after Bomer had already signed on as both star and executive producer. “The story had been marinating with Ron for a solid decade before I ever came on board,” Bomer says. “Ron had an almost religious zeal about this project, this world, and these characters that just washed over everyone involved, and made it the profound experience that it was.”

    Nyswaner had already done considerable research on Fellow Travelers, having previously planned to adapt the book as a film. He had more recently established himself in prestige TV—writing for Showtime dramas like Homeland and Ray Donovan—while continuing to work in movies. His script for last year’s Amazon feature My Policeman introduced him to producer Robbie Rogers; Nyswaner sent Rogers the Fellow Travelers novel, which sparked a conversation about making a limited series out of it. “The ambition of going through the different decades and finding a really compelling story—nothing like that had been done, where it’s an epic gay love story that has this political element that’s woven through it,” says Rogers. 

    Fellow Travelers leaves no stone unturned, expanding its world beyond Hawk and Tim to fashion an expansive historical tapestry. A core parallel strand of the drama follows Jelani Alladin’s Marcus Hooks, a queer Black political journalist finding a new partner of his own (Noah J. Ricketts), while Nyswaner’s early episodes also dig into the vicious methods of McCarthy (a transformed Chris Bauer) and the appalling hypocrisy of Cohn (Will Brill). “Something like an estimated 10,000 people lost their jobs, and a lot of folks took their own lives,” Bomer says. “That’s the landscape that these people are dealing with.”

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    written by Jasper March 13, 2023

    2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

    Matt went out again and graced the Vanity Fair Oscar Party with his pretty face in a matching pretty suit. There are some reunions at the event as producer Ryan Murphy and Magic Mike co-star Joe Manganiello were also present. Check out some photos in our gallery!

    written by Jasper February 09, 2023

    80th Annual Golden Globe Awards

    Sorry for the delay on these, the site is finally settled on its new hosting and I’m hoping this will be its permanent home now. Anyway, I have updated the gallery with photos of Matt at the Golden Globe Awards last month. This was his first red carpet event after almost three years! Matt looked handsomely elegant in a Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit. He attended the awards ceremony with husband Simon Halls. Thank you to my friend Emily for the help with getting some of the HQs!

    written by Jasper December 07, 2022

    ‘Doom Patrol’ Season 3 Extras

    Season 4 starts tomorrow! I thought I should get these uploaded before the new season starts. I have updated the gallery with screencaps of Matt in two special features from the Doom Patrol Season 3 Blu-ray. Sadly, he doesn’t appear much and there’s not much behind-the-scenes clips of him either, but at least there’s some (short) interview clips.

    written by Jasper November 14, 2022

    Celebrating Thirteen Years Online!

    Hey everyone! Today is a very special day as Matt Bomer Fan celebrates its thirteenth year online! Thank you all for the support over the years. Major credits go to Kelly and Luciana for the massive work they have done on the site. Here’s to many more years of supporting our favorite Matt! As some sort of celebration, we finally have a whole new look, here on the main site and gallery. I know most, if not all, of you already got tired of the dark look. This new one features the gorgeous photoshoot that Matt did for Gio Journal. The colors are also different from the previous one, I think we’ve seen enough green, pink, and blue on the site for the past four years. I hope you all love it as much as I do! Of course, if you spot any error somewhere, don’t hesitate to let me know.

    Also, updates are finally coming to the gallery! First turn goes to Doom Patrol Season 3. I thought it would be best to get these uploaded before the new season starts. Matt didn’t physically appear much during the third season. I have added high-resolution screencaps from the three episodes he appeared in into our gallery! Yes, I’m testing out a new structure on the Television section, let me know your thoughts about it. I also got my hands on the Blu-ray extras, I’m going to work on them next. Lots more updates coming, so make sure you follow us on Twitter and our newly created Instagram (still empty, but I’ll keep it as a backup plan in case the chaos on Twitter doesn’t calm down).

    written by Jasper July 27, 2022

    ‘Echoes’ Official Trailer

    Netflix has released the official trailer for the mystery-thriller Echoes, which stars Michelle Monaghan on a dual role. Matt portrays Jack Beck, one of the twins’ husbands, and he’s sporting a cowboy look based on the trailer. What do you guys think about Jack? Are you feeling him as one of the good guys or the bad ones pretending to be good? All seven episodes are set to premiere on August 19th on Netflix. Check out the trailer below, then head over to our gallery for some screencaps of Matt from the trailer and high-quality stills from the series premiere!

    written by Jasper June 07, 2022

    Matt on the Set of ‘Maestro’

    Matt was spotted on the set of Maestro yesterday in New York City, sporting a business attire and sharing a kiss with Bradley Cooper. Bradley is playing the lead role as Leonard Bernstein, while Matt is reportedly playing one of his lovers. Check out some photos of Matt on set in our gallery!

    written by Jasper July 25, 2021

    ‘American Horror Stories’ Screencaps

    The spin-off series to American Horror Story started over a week ago, and Matt is part of the two-part series premiere! It took us back to the Murder House with the same eerie ambiance. Check out high-resolution screencaps in our gallery!