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  • March 21

    ‘The Sinner’ Part VII Stills & Captures

    Written by Jasper

    The Sinner delivered yet another great episode and ended it on an intense note! I’m curious how everything will unfold in next week’s season finale. Check out our gallery for stills and screencaps from the episode, including the behind-the-scenes interview. If you’re not geo-blocked, you can watch it on USA Network’s website. Side note: I included two caps of that beautiful painting.

    March 19

    Gallery Update: 2019-2020 Events

    Written by Jasper

    Hey guys! I have updated the gallery with photos of Matt attending several events from 2019 up to the most recent one last month. I know it’s crazy outside with all that’s going on, so why not pass the time by looking at photos of Matt being effortlessly pretty? Keep safe, everyone.

    March 14

    ‘The Sinner’ Part VI Stills & Captures

    Written by Jasper

    Part VI of The Sinner ended on yet another intense note! I also have to note that they did a great job with casting young Jamie and Nick. I have updated the gallery with the stills, high-resolution screencaps from the episode, including the behind-the-scenes interview. If you’re not geo-blocked, you can watch it on USA Network’s website. If you are and would be interested to watch them, let me know and I’ll see if I can upload the videos somewhere and embed on posts.

    March 10

    New Owner + ‘The Sinner’ Gallery Update

    Written by Jasper

    Hello everyone! My name is Jasper and I’m the new owner of Matt Bomer Fan. I’ve been a huge fan of Matt for years, and of this site too, so it still feels surreal that I’m the one posting here now. I’d like to thank Luciana for letting me take the site, I hope I can continue the amazing work she has done, I have big shoes to fill in.

    Please bear with me as I work on the updates. I figured I’d start with The Sinner since it’s Matt’s ongoing project. I have updated the gallery with stills from the five episodes so far, along with high-resolution screencaps including the behind-the-scenes interviews. Matt is absolutely killing it this season! No pun intended.

    February 24

    We’re back + Gallery Updates

    Written by Luciana

    Hello, friends! Its been a while…
    Sorry for disappearing, my computer “died” back in December and it took me all this time to get a new one. Well, things are good now so, let’s get back to updates!
    To start, pictures from Matt’s appearances this past months has been added.

    October 20

    (Photos) GLSEN Respect Awards

    Written by Luciana

    Hello, friends! Check our gallery, that was updated with pictures of Matt attending, last night, the GLSEN Respect Awards. he was joined by friend and co-stars Debra Messing, Charlie Carver and also Ryan Murphy.

    The event is hosted by The Berlanti Family Foundation – which is dedicated to improving the lives and personal stories of all LGBTQIA people and their straight allies through education, the arts, medicine and other social services.

    September 10

    TIFF 2018: Matt Bomer attends DirecTV/Variety Studio

    Written by Luciana

    Say after me: I love festivals! It drive us nuts trying to find everything that’s being published but still, we’re always getting new stuff.

    Today Matt still is in Toronto, this time promoting Viper Club, and he attended the Directv Studio. There’s no much pictures available yet, but we have the first ones in our gallery. Enjoy!

    September 09

    TIFF 2018: Portraits

    Written by Luciana

    While in Toronto, Matt did several interviews which leads to several portraits. The first ones has started to pop up and you can check them in our gallery.

    September 09

    TIFF 2018: Matt attends HFPA Party

    Written by Luciana

    Matt attended last night in Toronto The Hollywood Foreign Press Association And InStyle Party, and we have now some pictures added in our gallery.

    September 08

    TIFF 2018: Matt attends Variety Studio

    Written by Luciana

    Today was a busy day for Matt on TIFF. Earlier today he attended the Variety Studio to chat about Papi Chulo. Check pictures in our gallery.

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