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  • January 03

    New (old) Matt interviews added.

    Written by Kelly

    I found two more new (old) interviews while searching the internet yesterday.

    Actor Matthew Bomer, a 2000 graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, is well aware of the tepid greeting viewers gave last fall’s batch of dark, conspiracy-filled serialized dramas, so he’s quick to differentiate his new dark, conspiracy-filled, ABC serial “Traveler.”

    “Something I think it’s important for people to know is that every question raised in the pilot of this series is answered by the eighth episode, and new questions are brought up for future seasons,” Bomer said last week. “It’s not a serialized show that writes itself into a corner.”

    You can read the rest of the article here.

    The newest star of “Guiding Light” has fond memories of working long hours in the drama department at Carnegie Mellon University.

    Matthew “Matt” Bomer, a native of Spring, Texas, graduated from CMU’s drama department in 2000 and has already signed a multiyear contract to star on the popular soap opera. He will portray Ben Reade, a character who hails from a troubled past, beginning with the Nov. 14 episode.

    “I started working on the show on Oct. 23 and it was so much fun. This is going to be a wonderful learning experience,” said Mr. Bomer, who now lives in New York City. “I play one of the darker characters in Springfield and I love it.”

    You can read the rest of the article here.

    January 01

    Matt featured in Aussie TV Week

    Written by Kelly

    Happy New Year everyone! This is my very first update for the year of 2010.

    My online pal Ozbella scanned an article of Matt in the latest issue of Aussie TV Week.

    On Fame
    It’s hard to talk about it without sounding obnoxious, but I do notice it when I walk down the street and people say things to me. Thankfully, it’s all been positive, although one person did start crying, which was uncomfortable and strange!

    Thanks again Ozbella! I also transcribed the article and you can read it here.

    PS: We finally get to watch new “White Collar” episodes in 18 more days. Yay!

    December 29

    Matt featured in Whirl Magazine

    Written by Kelly

    “Any character that you create is ultimately the product of your imagination and the writers’ imagination. So, they’re aspects of myself, but I wouldn’t say they’re all aspects of myself that I exercise in my daily life, they are just certain aspects of my imagination.”

    You can read the article here.

    December 29

    Added another new (old) article

    Written by Kelly

    With tousled brown hair and sparkling sea-green eyes, Bomer, 29, laughed about the early beginnings of his career. Unlike most actors, he said, he didn’t know from an early age that he wanted to go into acting.

    “I just kind of found it on my own in middle school,” he said. “I started doing these tournaments where you presented monologues.”

    During his senior year of high school in Spring, Texas, Bomer, the son of former Dallas Cowboy football player John Bomer, landed a part in Houston’s prestigious Alley Theater.

    “I played sports in high school, so I quit the football team to take the part,” he said. “From there, I auditioned for colleges. I graduated with a bachelor in fine arts from Carnegie Mellon University with a major in acting and a minor in music. Then, I went to New York City, where I worked in theater.”

    You can read the rest of the article here.

    December 18

    New (old) Matt Interview

    Written by Kelly

    Thanks TheEfinie!

    December 07

    New (old) Matt interview added.

    Written by Kelly

    I normally just add old interviews I find to the Press Section, but this one is definitely worth reading.

    On Sept. 11, 2001, Matthew Bomer was at an audition on the 53rd floor of a high-rise at 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue in New York when he happened to look out the window and see a large passenger jet slam into one of the World Trade Center’s twin towers.

    A stunned silence preceded total pandemonium in the room, when everyone in the room sobbed hysterically or were frozen in panic.

    “I didn’t know what was going on and obviously was very upset – the building I was in could be next,” Bomer recalled. “All I could think of was to get to the ground floor as soon as possible and get back to my shoddy little apartment in midtown Manhattan.

    “I ran the 30 blocks to my place, trying to avoid all the major landmarks along the way,” he continued, drawing a deep breath, “passing scores of people with ashes in their hair and all over their clothes. The first thing I did was grab the cell phone and call my family in Spring, Texas, to tell them I was OK.

    “My mother answered the phone and immediately burst into tears. Everything changed that day. … It was weird. … Nobody in this country had faced a tragedy of this magnitude before. New York became a ghost town for a while after that – I couldn’t afford to go anywhere – but everybody came back after a while to rally the city. It was an incredible experience that made me value life a lot more.”

    You can read the rest of the interview here.

    Wow: We’re Celebrity Site Of The Day today (December 7, 2009)!

    November 18

    Neal Caffrey from ‘White Collar’

    Written by Kelly

    Neal Caffrey understands the power of clothes and attitude.

    In USA Network’s Friday drama White Collar, Caffrey (Matthew Bomer) knows if he shaves his scruffy beard and ditches the orange scrubs of prison for a correction officer’s uniform, he’s walking out of the joint. Caffrey then buys a yellow windbreaker to impersonate a parking valet and steal a Rolls-Royce.

    He initially gets away with it because of clothes and attitude. An FBI agent nabs him twice and cuts a deal with him. Caffrey now works for the feds, and he needs new clothes.

    Forced to buy clothes at a thrift store, where most people would walk away with merely sweaters reeking of mothballs, Caffrey instead charms a widow into giving him her late husband’s wardrobe.

    “He’s influenced by the Rat Pack, with fitted suits and tie bars and fedoras and a little bit of Cary Grant in To Catch A Thief,” Bomer says. “Every now and then, we like to go for a more Jack Kerouac (look). It takes place today. They did a great job of finding some amazing vintage pieces that you would think Sy Devore put together for me. We will mix in designers with throwbacks to the ’60s – John Varvatos and Paul Smith.”

    You can read the rest of the article here.

    Here’s another great article worth reading.

    To help “White Collar” stand out amid the fall flood of new shows, said Chris McCumber, executive vice president for marketing, digital and brand at USA, the premiere was scheduled after most of the new broadcast series had debuted.

    “It’ll be a little easier to break through the clutter because the network marketing will have died down a bit,” he added.

    Because of what Ms. Hammer called the “character-centric” approach at USA, the promotional efforts for its series require perhaps more participation from cast members than for shows on other networks.

    That, however, is fine with Mr. Bomer, who joined the USA executives for an interview.

    “It hasn’t felt like work at all,” Mr. Bomer said, which prompted Ms. Hammer to joke, “so we’ll book him more now.”

    Mr. Bomer said the “Characters wanted” theme at USA meant that “everybody knows what race they’re running” as they introduce a series, including the marketing and public relations executives, the cast and top management.

    “Of course there’s a certain pressure that comes with that,” Mr. Bomer said, particularly as “White Collar” puts the “USA hot streak on the line,” to quote a headline in Variety.

    But “I trust these guys in putting us out there,” he added. “The rest is up to the zeitgeist.”

    You can read the rest of the article here

    November 18

    People’s ‘Sexiest Rising Star’ Matthew Bomer

    Written by Kelly

    People magazine has released their annual “Sexiest Man Alive” countdown and while Johnny Depp tops their list (yet again), we are more excited about some of the newbies.

    Named People’s sexiest rising star, Fox411 caught up with “White Collar” star Matthew Bomer recently, where he shared all the juicy tidbits about his character, what he thinks is sexy and what it’s like to be the son of a Dallas Cowboy.

    Don’t mention Bernie Madoff around Bomer, who plays a con artist working for the FBI in exchange for freedom on the USA series.

    “I did not use Bernie Madoff as inspiration,” says Bomer. “I prefer to not compare my character to him and prefer to call what my character does as “social engineering” rather than con artistry. I looked more to “Ocean’s Eleven” and even “Ferris Bueller” to see how people manipulate people and manipulate for a better life.”

    You can read the rest of the article here!

    Here’s another article mentioning Matt.

    Matt Bomer, star of the USA Network show, “White Collar,” also appeared on “The Early Show.” He also made this year’s list.

    Bomer said he’s grateful to be recognized.

    Does he feel any added mojo from the title? “No,” Bomer said. “I’m still plugging away on ‘White Collar,’ and working hard on the show and trying to make a good TV show. … I’m thankful people responded to the character in the show and anything that comes from that is great.”

    Source: CBS News

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