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  • November 26

    The 37th International Emmy Awards Video

    Written by Kelly

    Matt and Stephanie March present the 2009 International Emmy for Best Performance by an Actor.

    Thanks J.L. for the tip!

    November 24

    Matt sings from the heart….

    Written by Kelly

    What’s your secret talent?

    “I like to sing and leave songs on voicemail,” says the former Guiding Light star. “It comes from the heart.”

    When you read Matt’s article in People magazine, did you wonder what he sounds like? Well, now you don’t have to wonder anymore. Check out 1:34 in the video below. He’s got a great set of pipes! I’m not really digging the outfit though…. *lol*

    PS: Thanks Lesley for the tip!

    November 20

    Another “White Collar” Episode 1×5 Sneak Peek

    Written by Kelly

    You can also view another sneak peek here!

    November 19

    “White Collar” Episode 1×5 Sneak Peek

    Written by Kelly

    November 18

    Matt on The Early Show!

    Written by Kelly

    I also added 42 captures from the video above.

    PS: I will also scan his article in People Magazine when it’s available in my area. Also, does any of you have the October 23, 2009 issue of Entertainment Weekly with Michael Jackson on the cover? There’s an article about Matt Bomer/White Collar. I can pay or will credit you for the scan. Thanks!

    November 16

    Video: White Collar Premiere

    Written by Kelly

    On October 23, Lisa Marie Latino caught up with the cast from the new USA hit series “White Collar” at the show’s premiere party at Rockefeller Center in New York City.

    November 16

    Added “Traveler” Episode 1×1 video clips!

    Written by Kelly

    I added 3 “Traveler” Episode 1×1 video clips. I’ll capture more “Traveler” episodes soon!

    November 14

    Added “White Collar” Episode 1×4 captures and video clips!

    Written by Kelly

    I added 421 “White Collar” Episode 1×4 captures.

    I also added 3 video clips and you can view them here.

    November 14

    Matt on Extra!

    Written by Kelly

    Matt was on Extra last night! I uploaded the video in case you missed it.

    I also added 58 captures from the video above.

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