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  • December 07

    New (old) Matt interview added.

    Written by Kelly

    I normally just add old interviews I find to the Press Section, but this one is definitely worth reading.

    On Sept. 11, 2001, Matthew Bomer was at an audition on the 53rd floor of a high-rise at 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue in New York when he happened to look out the window and see a large passenger jet slam into one of the World Trade Center’s twin towers.

    A stunned silence preceded total pandemonium in the room, when everyone in the room sobbed hysterically or were frozen in panic.

    “I didn’t know what was going on and obviously was very upset – the building I was in could be next,” Bomer recalled. “All I could think of was to get to the ground floor as soon as possible and get back to my shoddy little apartment in midtown Manhattan.

    “I ran the 30 blocks to my place, trying to avoid all the major landmarks along the way,” he continued, drawing a deep breath, “passing scores of people with ashes in their hair and all over their clothes. The first thing I did was grab the cell phone and call my family in Spring, Texas, to tell them I was OK.

    “My mother answered the phone and immediately burst into tears. Everything changed that day. … It was weird. … Nobody in this country had faced a tragedy of this magnitude before. New York became a ghost town for a while after that – I couldn’t afford to go anywhere – but everybody came back after a while to rally the city. It was an incredible experience that made me value life a lot more.”

    You can read the rest of the interview here.

    Wow: We’re Celebrity Site Of The Day today (December 7, 2009)!

    December 06

    Added more Desktop Wallpaper and Fan Art!

    Written by Kelly

    I added 11 Desktop Wallpaper created by me and 4 Fan Art created by Lenny.

    What do you think? I would love to hear your feedback and graphics requests.

    If you would like to donate your HQ Desktop Wallpaper or Fan Art, please contact me!

    December 05

    USA Network’s Characters Promo

    Written by Kelly

    December 05

    Added “White Collar” Episode 1×7 captures and video clips!

    Written by Kelly

    I added 461 “White Collar” Episode 1×7 captures.

    I also added 4 video clips and you can view them here.

    FYI: That’s no double! Matt did most of the stunt work in last night’s episode, including the scene where he swings down from the awning onto the sidewalk.

    December 04

    Recaptured “Traveler” Episode 1×1

    Written by Kelly

    I recaptured “Traveler” Episode 1×1 in better quality.

    Don’t forget to watch the Fall finale of “White Collar” tonight on USA!

    “White Collar” will move to Tuesdays starting January 19, 2010.

    December 03

    “White Collar” Episode 1×7 Sneak Peek

    Written by Kelly

    December 03

    BuddyTV’s 100 Sexiest Men of 2009

    Written by Kelly

    Click here!

    December 03

    Added more “White Collar” Episode 1×4 stills

    Written by Kelly

    I added 2 more HQ stills for “White Collar” Episode 1×4 – “”Flip Of The Coin”. I also replaced the 1st still with a HQ version.

    December 02

    New photos of Matt filming “White Collar”

    Written by Crayen

    I’ve uploaded 27 high quality photos of Matt on the set of “White Collar” in New York on November 24, 2009.

    December 01

    Possible “White Collar” Golden Globe nomination?

    Written by Kelly

    It’s no wonder the Golden Globes have a reputation for being more fun than the rather stately affairs that usually bring out Hollywood’s A-list. After all, broadcasting live from the Beverly Hilton on Jan. 17 and keeping the Champagne flowing is bound to loosen things up. But the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn.’s biggest night is also known for being ahead of the curve when it comes to honoring first-season TV shows — partly because of being the first TV-related ceremony of the calendar year and partly because of its envelope-pushing attitude.

    This season offers a ballroom full of potentials that could strike the fancy of the HFPA’s 83 voting members — among them “Modern Family,” “FlashForward” and “The Good Wife.”

    For “Good Wife” executive producers Robert and Michelle King, the idea of receiving a nomination is exciting. “What it does with a first-year show is it drives more viewers to it, beyond the honor, which would be amazing,” Robert King says.

    Attracting more viewers is also top of mind for “White Collar” executive producer Jeff Eastin, whose cable dramedy has been well-received by viewers in its first few episodes. But Eastin has his award expectations in check.

    “I gained a huge amount of respect [this year] for anybody who can even keep a show on for a season,” Eastin says. “Honestly, a lot of what really made the show popular has got to be the casting. The chemistry between [Matthew Bomer and Tim DeKay] is what really jumps off the screen.”

    Source: The Envelope – LA Times.

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