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  • November 18

    Where can I get Matt’s fedora?

    Written by Kelly

    Where can I get the fedora Matt Bomer wears on White Collar? —Drew
    Fresh out of prison and dressed to the nines for his new life as a criminal expert to the FBI, Neal (Bomer) sports a variety of stylish hats, including Tomaz & Williamson’s ”Stingy” fedora (; $175).


    November 18

    People’s ‘Sexiest Rising Star’ Matthew Bomer

    Written by Kelly

    People magazine has released their annual “Sexiest Man Alive” countdown and while Johnny Depp tops their list (yet again), we are more excited about some of the newbies.

    Named People’s sexiest rising star, Fox411 caught up with “White Collar” star Matthew Bomer recently, where he shared all the juicy tidbits about his character, what he thinks is sexy and what it’s like to be the son of a Dallas Cowboy.

    Don’t mention Bernie Madoff around Bomer, who plays a con artist working for the FBI in exchange for freedom on the USA series.

    “I did not use Bernie Madoff as inspiration,” says Bomer. “I prefer to not compare my character to him and prefer to call what my character does as “social engineering” rather than con artistry. I looked more to “Ocean’s Eleven” and even “Ferris Bueller” to see how people manipulate people and manipulate for a better life.”

    You can read the rest of the article here!

    Here’s another article mentioning Matt.

    Matt Bomer, star of the USA Network show, “White Collar,” also appeared on “The Early Show.” He also made this year’s list.

    Bomer said he’s grateful to be recognized.

    Does he feel any added mojo from the title? “No,” Bomer said. “I’m still plugging away on ‘White Collar,’ and working hard on the show and trying to make a good TV show. … I’m thankful people responded to the character in the show and anything that comes from that is great.”

    Source: CBS News

    November 17

    Matt on CBS’s The Early Show

    Written by Kelly

    Matt will be appearing on CBS’s The Early Show at 8:00am ET tomorrow!

    I will add captures and a video clip when I get home from work.

    Thanks to WhiteCollarUSA for the tip!

    November 16

    Video: White Collar Premiere

    Written by Kelly

    On October 23, Lisa Marie Latino caught up with the cast from the new USA hit series “White Collar” at the show’s premiere party at Rockefeller Center in New York City.

    November 16

    Added “Traveler” Episode 1×1 video clips!

    Written by Kelly

    I added 3 “Traveler” Episode 1×1 video clips. I’ll capture more “Traveler” episodes soon!

    November 16

    Added “White Collar” Episode 1×5 Stills!

    Written by Kelly

    I added 6 HQ stills for “White Collar” Episode 1×5 – “The Portrait”. Is it Friday yet?!

    Also, check out this great article: USA scores another hit with its new ‘White Collar’.

    November 15

    Added “Traveler” Episode 1×1 captures.

    Written by Kelly

    I added 437 “Traveler” Episode 1×1 captures. I’m sorry the quality isn’t the greatest. If you know where the episodes can be downloaded in better quality, please let me know. Thanks!

    PS: You can watch all the “Traveler” episodes on YouTube here.

    November 14

    Added “White Collar” Episode 1×4 captures and video clips!

    Written by Kelly

    I added 421 “White Collar” Episode 1×4 captures.

    I also added 3 video clips and you can view them here.

    November 14

    Matt on Extra!

    Written by Kelly

    Matt was on Extra last night! I uploaded the video in case you missed it.

    I also added 58 captures from the video above.

    November 14

    Welcome to Matt Bomer!

    Written by Kelly

    I saw Matt for the first time in “Tru Calling”. When I saw Matt in the “White Collar” pilot, I was immediately drawn to him and his multi-dimensional character. I think he is a talented actor and no other actor could portray Neal Caffrey as well as he can. 

    I went online to find out more about him, but didn’t come across any current fan sites. That is when I decided to create a fan site for him because he truly deserves it!

    I would like to thank Crayen for helping me add images to the gallery. I would also like to thank the talented Cristy at for designing the gorgeous main layout and image gallery theme.

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