• Matthew Bomer

    Source: Flaunt Magazine
    Date: August 1, 2010

    The role of charmingly cocksure escaped conmancum-FBI-consultant sees Matthew Bomer get into quite a bit of trouble as Neal Caffrey in the acclaimed USA Network series White Collar. “We actually work with a legitimate conman on set. I’ve learned how to pickpocket someone with two fingers instead of using your thumb,” Bomer says with a smile.

    Bomer has an immense love for acting, which he channels into a career that has seen him study or star in every single arena of the craft, from musicals and theatre to big production films, soap operas, and TV series. His action-packed roles as a man-on-the-run in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and a CIA agent in Chuck have allowed him to flex some amazingly spry abilities. It’s unsurprising to learn, then, that Bomer grew up under the athletic guidance of his ex-Dallas Cowboy father, John. “Anytime you can get physically involved as an actor is a great thing,” he says. “I’ve played a lot of characters who operate on their own morals, and they’re generally on the run from something.”

    Far away from the football-obsessed Texas, Bomer expresses his affection for New York and the “kinesthetic comforts” of the city. “I’m still pinching myself and knocking on wood that I get to shoot in the city,” he says. “We get to see a lot of great architecture, including the NASDAQ building and massive multi-million dollar houses – real white collar areas. Some shows shoot New York in a really gritty way; ours is a real love letter.”