• Put The Accent On Gray

    Source: Men’s Health Magazine
    Date: March 1, 2010

    A self-described T-shirt and jeans kind of guy, Bomer says he also appreciates his character’s impeccably tailored suits. “I’ve taken a lot of notes from him,” he says of Caffrey’s Rat Pack-inspired mix of vintage pieces and modern brand, like Paul Smith and Calvin Klein. “Throw on a tie bar, cuff links, and a fedora, and I feel like a different guy.”

    Bomer, and admirer of Paul Newman says, “I like to look stylish, but never trendy. I don’t want to look at pictures of me 10 years from now and say, ‘What was I thinking?'” Here’s his take on balancing the modern and the timeless.

    Choose Simple Accessories

    A simple color palette can be undone by flashy accessories. Bomer chooses his carefully. “A man’s uniform is pretty standard,” he says, “so I like adding a cool tie or tie bar to let my personal style shine through a little.”

    Keep Your Pockets Lean

    Bomer carries laminated photos of his loved ones in a sleep credit-card wallet, along with just two cards and a few essentials. “Just what I’d need if I ever got stranded somewhere,” he says.

    Update The Past

    Bomer can appreciate a vintage suit, but knows you usually can’t wear one off the rack: “You have to weed through a lot of stuff to find something that will fit you perfectly. That’s why a tailor is key.” When picking out a second-hand suit, look for wool – it’s the best fabric for tailoring because it can be easily molded and shaped with steam.

    Always Bring This

    Never forget your manners. “They go a long way in both your business and personal life,” Bomer says. “If you look and act like you are making an effort, it will be appreciated.”

    Matt Bomer’s closet is surprisingly sparse for a busy actor with a bicoastal life. He keeps a few of his favorite Levi’s {Capital E} jeans, some simple shirts from Steven Alan or J.Crew, and three or four pairs of shoes. “Just the tried-and-true things I feel comfortable in,” he says. “Things I’ll get the most use out of.”

    Part of the reason for that economy is space. Bomer lives in a studio apartment in Manhattan’s meatpacking district for 5 months a year while he’s filming the USA Network series White Collar. But another reason is that the 33-year-old actor has simply streamlined his wardrobe. “For me, a lot of my 20s were about finding out who I wanted to be,” he says. “When you reach your 30s, you develop a much stronger sense of who you are, and that simplifies everything – from what I wear to who I spend my time with.”

    Bomer’s closet may be small, but his role on White Collar – that of highbrow criminal mastermind Neal Caffrey – offers him plenty of room for creativity. “His duality appealed to me,” he says of Caffrey, a sophisticated con artist who happens to make messy, irrational decisions in his love life. “You don’t ever want to play a character who’s too polished. Those imperfect, dark sides add texture to a part.”