• written by Kelly May 23, 2011

    New Layout!

    To celebrate “White Collar” Season 3Β airing soon, we have a new layout created by Cristy at DaxterStudios.com on both the main site and image gallery. I’m still working on fixing a few more things behind the scenes, but I hope you enjoy it!

    34 Comments to "New Layout!"

    1. CrimsonRegret says:

      Absolutely beautiful new layout!!

    2. Casey says:

      Love the new layout!

    3. clichejuice says:

      Very very nice!! I love it!!

    4. Samiha says:


    5. TiSa says:

      OMG!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!! Great Layout!!! I <3 It So Much!!! πŸ˜€

    6. Kelly says:

      Thank you so much everyone! πŸ™‚

    7. Emilia says:

      I loved the new layout, i’m a big fan from here!!!!

    8. queuey says:

      The layout and colours are very soothing:)!!

    9. Helen says:

      Love the new layout! Matt’s blue eyes really show up. Your website is great. I look at it every day for new pictures and info. Thanks!

    10. Tinnuial says:

      Beautiful new layout! I’m loving the colour! Thank you for doing such an amazing job of running this site πŸ˜€

    11. Sab says:

      Another big thumbs up for the gorgeous new layout. πŸ™‚

    12. Afsana says:

      LOVE the top design with Matt’s photos and colors. Its gorgeous. But I think the old layout was more spacious and unique.

    13. Suzanne says:

      I love the new layout using some of my most favorite pictures. I don’t know how you chose these particular images but even the little stars falling down are precious. You did an amazing job here and to give credit to Matt and his blue eyes, you have an amazing subject. Thanks

    14. Joyce says:

      Love the new layout Kelly. You do an amazing job and I know everyone appreciates everything you do!!!

    15. Ally says:

      the new layout is perfect!
      love these pics and colors! Matt is gorgeous
      congrats πŸ™‚

    16. Ana says:

      AMAZING new layout! Great job Kelly and Cristy!

    17. adriana says:

      Kelly and Christy love the new layout, keep up the great job!!!!!!

    18. Valentina says:

      I LOVE the new layout! It’s AMAZING! Congrats, great job:)

    19. Deej says:

      Beautiful new format!!

    20. NameRequired says:

      Not diggin’ the baby-blue-and-almost-white 2-color combo. Maybe a third color would help, like a medium-blue-grey border ??

    21. Kelly says:

      Thanks everyone! Also sorry to those who aren’t digging it. I can’t really change the graphics at the top, but if you have a suggestion for borders, font colors, etc, I’m able to do that. I did change the headers (Welcome Video, etc) to grey instead of light blue and also made the sidebar and content area wider. You like?

    22. Janine says:

      I like the new look and colors, Kelly. But for some reason, the picture of Matt on the header is cut in half on my iPod. The top of his head is missing! }:() LOl. The picture starts at his nose. Can’t see his beautiful eyes. :(.

    23. Kelly says:

      @Janine It’s because that portion of the layout is flash and most smartphones and ipods don’t support it. It doesn’t work on mine either. Sorry about that!

    24. Laura says:

      Kelly, much better with the grey, and the wider column! Thanks for making little tweaks for the few who had constructive criticism. πŸ™‚ If I think of something else, I will let you know.
      xo Laura

    25. Felly says:

      Luv it!!!… luv it!!!… luv it!!!

    26. Mary says:

      Imagine my surprise when I came to the site for an update and there were new pix of Mr. Exquisite and a whole new look. Well, after I regained consciousness & peeled my tongue from the screen I decided it’s wonderful. It takes intelligent talent to do what you do with this site and the others you run. Thank you for sharing that talent, Mz. Kelly.

    27. Janine says:

      Thanks Kelly for telling me why Matt’s picture is cutoff. Leave it to flash to mess up things. Lol. Do you know why Flash isnt on the iPods and others? It doesn’t make sense to me because there’s so many things that need Flash. I’m really thinking about getting the new Blackberry Playbook or something else that has Flash, because I’m frustrated with not being able to play games from some sites that I like, or see some videos that I want.

    28. Dev says:

      Hi Kelly. Love the new design. A question. Could you change wherever the blue font on blue background appears to blue font on gray background? There is not enough contrast with blue on blue, making it difficult to read the text.

      FYI Apple does not support and has no plans to support Flash on their mobile devices (e.g. iPod, iPad). I won’t bore you with the details but Apple is pushing HTML5 instead. Flash won’t be going away anytime soon but expect to see adoption of HTML5 to grow.

    29. Kelly says:

      Thanks again everyone! So happy you like it. πŸ™‚

      @Dev Fixed!

    30. Kavya says:

      I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOVE the new layout! His eyes stand out <3 Love love love it!

    31. CarolM says:

      I just want to join the chorus here and say how much I love the new layout. Those new publicity pictures of Matt are just gorgeous and the blue background really compliments Matt’s eyes.

    32. Mary Beth says:

      Love the new layout but it is very light on my Monitor. I can not see all teh pics in the background. Any suggestions

    33. teri says:

      Every time I come to the Matt Bomer Fan site, I get greeted by the new banner that is so pleasing to the eye . I love the site’s new look…the pictures of Matt you chose for the banner and that great shade of blue.

    34. lynne says:

      I like the changes (it is always fun to freshen things up)! The only suggestion I have is to darken the font. It’s kinda hard to read.