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Matt Bomer Birthday Project 2013

Since Matt will be turning 36 years old on October 11th, it’s time to get started on his annual birthday project!

This year, we’ll be creating a video filled with all your own videos wishing Matt a happy birthday. My talented online friend Dann will be creating the video again, as she did such a wonderful job last year.

In order to participate, you just need to send us a 15 second video wishing Matt a happy birthday. It would be wonderful if you could take the video outdoors with some nice scenery in the background. Please make sure you have good lighting with no distracting background noise.

The deadline for the birthday project is October 4th. That way, Dann will have enough time to prepare the video before the big day. It will be uploaded to YouTube so Matt can view it easier, but it can be unlisted to protect everyone’s privacy. If you don’t feel comfortable sending in a video, you can participate in our 2nd birthday project (see below), or can leave your birthday wishes in the comments on October 11th.

In order to submit your 15 second video, please email it to (DEADLINE REACHED) with “Matt Bomer Bday Project” as the subject. We’ll send you an email back to confirm it has been accepted. Please do your best to keep it close to 15 seconds. If you are way over, we would feel bad asking you to redo it.

Our 2nd present for Matt is to send him a birthday book filled with postcards from all over the world. We would prefer you choose a postcard with some scenery on it, to represent where you live. In the message area of the postcard, please write your birthday greetings to Matt. In the address area of the postcard, you can leave it blank if you’re sending it inside another envelope. Otherwise, please mail it to the following address:


Whether you’re sending us a video, mailing in your postcard, or both, please be respectful to Matt by not gushing all about how gorgeous he is. I’m sure he would appreciate that!

If you have any questions or concerns, you can comment here, or send us an email using the address above. On Matt’s birthday, I’ll direct him to this site as I have done each year and will let everyone know his response. The birthday book will be mailed to him, and I’ll make sure he personally receives it.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to seeing your submissions!

– Kelly & Dann

30 Comments on “Matt Bomer Birthday Project 2013”

  1. Hi, Kelly 😀

    Thanks for organizing another project for Matt’s birthday \o/ Count me in 😀 I do have a question, though. Does it have to be a bought postcard or is it okay if someone designs a postcard themselves? One that features a theme related to the place they live and has the name of the city and country, only it’s made from scratch? Would that work?

  2. Kelly and Danny,

    Thank you for organizing such a terrific birthday project. I can’t wait to see the finished video.

  3. I would love to participate in this project, but I had an idea. could I take a picture with a poster, where is written “Happy birthday dear Matt” instead of sending a postcard?

  4. Amanda: We’re only accepting postcards and 15 second videos. You can show the tattoo in your video if you want.

    Thaiane: Sorry, we’re only accepting postcards for the birthday book.

    Thanks for the support J J and Vicki!

  5. wonderful: I’ll start working on it! Has the video to have a particular format? ’cause I only have a digital camera that makes little videos, too.

  6. Hello, I think the postcard it’s a very good idea. Whith that Matt knows where from are your fans, because he have fans around the world. ????

  7. Nicole: Yes, that is correct.

    Daniela: To make sure we can open it, we would prefer a standard format such as avi, mpeg, mp4, mov, wmv, etc.

  8. Kerry & Danny,
    I have a question. What are the dimensions of the American postcards?
    Japanese postcards are 100mm (3.93 inches) x 148.5mm (5.84 inches).
    Please tell me the largest dimensions I can make the postcard. Thank you.

  9. Hi Rika: I believe the standard size for American postcards is 4×6 inches. If it’s close to that, it will be perfect.

  10. Hello
    I loved the idea, I’m from Brazil and I love Matt, make possible to send my postcard …

  11. Hi Kelly!
    in my country (Venezuela) we cant send postcards all the way to USA, its another way i can send you my postcard for Matthew Bomer?

  12. Hi Claudia: Sorry, but I won’t be able to print anything out for anyone. My printer broke awhile back and I haven’t replaced it yet.

  13. Just an update! I have received postcards from the following:

    Virginia from Louisiana
    Moriangeles from Málaga (Sorry if I spelled your name wrong)
    Cecilia from Minnesota
    Annette from Germany

    Thanks for participating!

  14. Just another update! I have received postcards from the following:

    Daniela from Italy
    Hilda from Gent (x2)

    Thanks for participating!

  15. Here’s another update! I have received postcards from the following:

    Simone from Germany
    Ribur from Spain
    Christy from South Carolina
    Audrey from Alsace
    Akiko from Japan
    Sue from Worcestershire
    Sandra from Germany

    Thanks for participating everyone! Keep them coming. I would also like to thank Christy and Sandra for your site donation! I’ll be giving you a special thanks shortly.

  16. Here’s another update! I have received postcards from the following:

    Limi from Japan (Thanks for the button!)
    Lea from France
    Gemma from Spain
    Barbie from Colorado
    Liz from Hampshire UK
    Karina from Denmark
    Suzy from Brunei Darussalam

    Thanks for participating everyone! Keep them coming.

  17. Here’s another update! I have received postcards from the following:

    Michiko from Japan
    Laia from Barcelona
    Lucy from Australia
    Joyce from Taiwan
    Keiko from Japan
    Katie from Canada
    Steph from Canada
    Genevieve from California
    Nicole from Zurich (Thanks for the letter! Also love your stamps.)
    Trisha from England
    Olence from Poland
    Sonia from Australia
    Bonney from Australia
    Pina from Italy

    Thanks for participating everyone! The deadline is October 1st.

  18. Debbie from England
    Ryoko from Japan
    Yuko from Japan
    Rika from Japan
    Shiori from Japan
    Nicole from Belgium
    Cecilia from Italy
    Adeline from Wisconsin (2)
    Melissa from New York
    Lalie from France
    Gabriele from Germany
    Randee from Texas
    Irene from New York

    Thanks for participating everyone! The deadline is tomorrow, October 1st, but I will still accept any postcards I happen to receive this week as well.

  19. Here’s another update! Much love to everyone who has participated. I’ll be sharing photos of the birthday book in about 2 weeks.

    Claudia from Venezuela
    Lucero from Mexico
    Asami from Japan
    Olga from France
    Simona from Germany
    Vicki from Florida (Thank you so much for the $10 donation!)

  20. Here’s another update! Thank you so much:

    Lou from California
    Carol from California
    Weulersse from France
    Melanie from Manchester
    Haruka from Japan
    Colleen from Canada
    Nathalie from France

  21. Final update!

    Dulce from Portugal
    Ulrik from Denmark
    Bowie from Hong Kong
    Stephanie from Washington
    Cynthia from New Zealand

    Photos of the finished book will be posted shortly.

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