• written by Kelly March 19, 2014

    Matt Bomer Fan.com Media now open!

    I spent a few weeks transferring our 600+ videos to a brand new media archive! Unfortunately, the previous videos script has become obsolete and our web host will no longer be supporting it. It was a lot of hard work, but I feel it is definitely worth it in the long run. Some of the positives are improved stability and less database errors, the layout matches the rest of the site, you can easily rate and share videos through social media, and you can also post comments about videos the same way you post comments here. Please let me know if you encounter any broken links! I’ll try to add more features in the left sidebar to make your viewing experience even better. I also still need to add a lot more “White Collar” clips and will try to work on them the next few months. Thanks, and hope you like it!

    3 Comments to "Matt Bomer Fan.com Media now open!"

    1. Kelly: I tried it, and it works great. You just click on the site, it lists all the videos from that period, you click on the video you want and eureka–there it is! I’m not a computer person so this is really wonderful for me. Great job! Your hand work for Matt Bomer has really paid off for us fans. Love, Michele

    2. Kelly says:

      Thanks Michele! So glad you love the new media site. It really means a lot.

    3. You’re welcome, Kelly. Matt has a good person and friend in you! Have a good weekend. Love, Michele