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  • September 09

    TIFF 2018: ‘Papi Chulo’ Review

    Written by Luciana

    The first reviews for Papi Chulo are out, and Variety has posted a great one.

    “Papi Chulo” is the kind of movie that seems even better in retrospect because, when you replay it in your mind, you better realize the many ways it could have turned silly or simplistic, and appreciate how nimbly it avoided the pitfalls. Even while you’re watching it, you can be impressed by scenes that bring out the best in both Bomer and Patiño. At one point, as the two men are more than a little drunk and being driven to their respective homes after a party, Sean and Ernesto start singing and swaying to Madonna’s “Borderline.” There is a moment when this stops being a scene, and just is. And in that moment, “Papi Chulo” sneaks up on you and seals the deal: It’s not going where you might expect, or even want, it to go, but you will believe it when it gets there.

    Make sure to read the full review at the source. It’s great to see another Matt project getting great reviews! We can’t wait to see this movie.

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