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  • December 07

    Will & Grace: Anchor Away Recap, Video & Screen Captures

    Written by Luciana

    Before the update, I have a confession to do: I’ve never seen Will & Grace before. I know, I know, inexcusable. Being never a comedy fan myself, I didn’t get the appeal even my friends screaming at me on weekly basis. After watching Anchor Away I know that, indubitably, I was being silly.

    So, let’s go to the updates! Check below the episode recap, watch Matt’s scenes and see screen captures added in our gallery. Enjoy!

    As “Anchor Away” began, Will attempted to get a cuppa joe from Timothy (Adam Rippon), a barista who was more interested in serving attitude than coffee. While Jack was trying on Will’s “Maddows” — aka glasses — in walked news hunk McCoy Whitman (Bomer). “I fantasize about him every night,” Will admitted, “right about 6:30 and 10:30.” Jack immediately guessed that Will would need his help since McCoy wasn’t into guys who’d use words like “indubitably.” As if, Will replied. But, while he was putting on a show of being dumb to show Jack how dumb doing so was, he got McCoy’s attention. “Stop looking for a pore,” he advised. “You’re not going to find one.” He then asked out Will but wouldn’t give him his number, saying that his smart friend could figure out how to reach him.

    That night, Will cooked dinner for McCoy but did it all wrong, according to Jack. His entree, for Pete’s sake, was a dish that only a smart person could even pronounce. Jack’s solution? He’d pretend that they were at his apartment, and he’d prepared the highfalutin dinner. All Will had to do was act like someone fun and frivolous. “Do you know anybody like that?” asked Jack without grasping that his pal had already begun to imitate his mannerisms. When McCoy arrived, Jack played the role of Will as best he could. And Will… he made his entrance asking, “Who’s easy on the eyes and hard everywhere else?” Ah, he was perfect for McCoy. Over dinner, Will did a spectacular Jack impression. He even gave himself his own one-man show. When Jack realized that Will was imitating him, he appeared at first to be upset. Then he huffed, “I have never in my 34 years… been so deeply, deeply flattered.” And since he and Estefan were monogamish, he wanted Will to tap McCoy so that he could enjoy him vicariously. Not that he’d ever use a word like vicariously!

    As the episode drew to a close, Will gave Jack the signal to beat it so that he could make his move on McCoy. Before Jack left, though, the newsman got a call from Kellyanne Conway and posed a legal question to law professor Jack, who insisted that if he had any more degrees, he’d be a thermometer. But since the only law he knew anything about was Jude, the jig was up: McCoy realized that Jack, not Will, was the idiot. When Will stood up for his buddy, and Jack admitted to McCoy that he was unavailable, the date was well and truly over. As McCoy left, Will pegged him as insecure — that was why he couldn’t date his intellectual equals. When Jack departed next, he stopped grumbling about not having gotten to sleep with McCoy through just Will long enough to say to his pal, “Thanks for not letting him call me an idiot” — and shut the door on his own face. (TV Line)

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