• written by Luciana August 24, 2018

    ‘Anything’ Screen Captures

    Anything, the movie written and directed by Timothy McNeil and starred by Matt Bomer, John Carroll Lynch and Maura Tierney was released on Digital Release (Amazon Video / iTunes / Fandango Now / Vudu) in June. Finally I was able to get it, so screen captures has been added to our gallery.

    ANYTHING is an unconventional romance about Earl, a middle-aged widower who moves to Los Angeles to be with family, and who asserts his independence by renting an apartment in a sketchy neighborhood full of “colorful” characters. Most colorful of all is Frida, a transgender next door neighbor who happens to find Earl-the quintessential Southern Gentleman-just as exotic as he finds her. Forming a relationship that is at once unexpected and inevitable, this mismatched pair give each other much-needed trust, respect… and more.

    This year was the 20th Anniversary of the San Diego LGBT Film Festival and Anything was among the nominated movies. There was some controversy surrounding the movie but despite the backlash, it took home a whopping seven festival awards including Best Feature, John Carroll Lynch as Best Actor, Matt Bomer as Best Supporting Actor and Timothy McNeil as Best Director.

    You can find a full list of the winners here. Check in our gallery two brand new images of Matt as Freda.

    written by Luciana April 12, 2018

    (Watch) ‘Anything’ trailer

    The trailer for Anything was released this week! Based on McNeil’s 2007 play of the same name, the film casts John Carroll Lynch as Early, a heartbroken widower who attempts to get his life back together after the sudden death of his wife. That includes a move to Hollywood, where he meets charming next door neighbor Freda (Bomer), tentatively embarking on a relationship with the trans sex worker that few other people in his life understand.

    “Anything” opens in New York in May 11 and Los Angeles and other markets on May 18.

    written by Luciana July 12, 2017

    ‘Anything’: Film Review | LAFF 2017

    With my computer being broken this past month, I ended missing this great review The Hollywood Reporter has published about Anything, that premiered on LA Film Festival. The review was published right after the clip was released, and I can’t wait to see more of it.

    A pleasingly quiet, small-scaled drama about love between strangers and siblings, solidarity between lonely Angelenos and the transformative power of kindness, Anything has much to recommend it. Chief among the film’s charms is the pair of beautifully matched performances at its center: John Carroll Lynch as a depressed widower and Bomer as the trans sex worker he meets when he moves from Mississippi to Hollywood. Backed up by a seamless ensemble and sensitive direction by Timothy McNeil (adapting his own 2007 play for his feature directorial debut), the two leads help the film overcome some daunting clichés and contrivances. After preparing you for the worst — another story of a straight white man saved by the grace of an oppressed minority — Anything sneaks up on you with sharp stabs of humor and surprising depth of feeling.

    (…)Lynch, a reliably versatile performer, can project either stomach-turning menace (Zodiac) or down-home decency (the Coens’ Fargo) without breaking a sweat. Here, he plays Early as a placid man with a storm of roiling feelings right below the surface; the actor makes his character’s goodness interesting and complex. And Bomer, who was decorative in the Magic Mike movies but dug deep as the closeted New York Times reporter in Ryan Murphy’s The Normal Heart, gives a performance of real warmth and delicacy. Rather than play Freda as a force of nature or a collection of mannerisms — the typical default modes of actors playing trans women — Bomer renders her fully dimensional: an unpredictable tangle of impulses, by turns defensive and tender. (It’s worth noting that associate producer Kylene K. Steele, a transgender woman, was a personal consultant to Bomer throughout the shoot.)

    Some of the more literary dialogue betrays the film’s stage origins, but McNeil has done a fine job of opening the play up and airing it out. Those efforts are boosted by original music from all-female band Spectacular Spectacular and evocative work from Moonlight lenser James Laxton, who captures a range of L.A. moods and settings, from the spooky serenity of a late-night ocean dip to the harsh noise and light of an afternoon in Hollywood.

    You can read the full review – talking more about the movie – on The Hollywood Reporter website.

    written by Luciana June 13, 2017

    ‘Anything’ First Look

    Matt Bomer and John Carroll Lynch topline Anything, a drama from first-time feature director Timothy McNeil that stars Bomer as a transgender woman who falls in love with a straight man. This is the first look at the Mark Ruffalo-exec produced pic, which has its world premiere this weekend in the LA Muse section of the Los Angeles Film Festival.

    The story centers on Early Landry (Lynch), who after losing his wife is forced to move to Los Angeles so he can be cared for by his over-protective sister (Maura Tierney), but escapes her clutches to start a new life in Hollywood. He quickly becomes enamored by his neighbor, Freda (Matt Bomer). His loneliness and need for companionship opens his heart to a remarkable new relationship, but their growing affection must be reconciled with the complexity of their disparate backgrounds. Melora Hardin, Micah Hauptman and Margot Bingham also star.

    Anything has its world premiere Saturday at 3 PM at the Arclight Cinema in Santa Monica.

    Back in May we published about a new project Matt was just finished filming, titled “Anything”. We had only a few informations about it back then, specially about which part Matt would be playing.

    This week media outlets started publishing about it, and Bomer will be playing a transgender sex worker.

    “Anything” is based on McNeil’s play of the same name. Lynch plays a man who is suicidal over the death of his wife and moves from Mississippi to Los Angeles, where he can be under the watchful eye of his protective sister, played by Tierney. He then begins an intense friendship with Bomer’s character, a transgendered sex worker. The unlikely new couple must reconcile their vastly different backgrounds as they fill the void in each other’s lives.

    The movie also stars Maura Tierney, Micah Hauptman, Margot Bingham, and Melora Hardin. Mark Ruffalo and Great Point Media’s Robert Halmi and Jim Reeve are executive producing.

    Sadly, reactions on social media to the news that Matt Bomer is set to portray a trans sex worker have been been anything but positive. Hollywood has a history of casting cisgender actors as trans—see: Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl, Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club, and Jeffrey Tambor in Transparent—and while those actors, including Bomer, are incredible, the trans community outlined the problems in casting a cis actor.

    On Wednesday afternoon Mark Ruffalo addressed the backlash around Bomer’s casting on Twitter. “To the Trans community,” the actor wrote. “I hear you. It’s wrenching to you see you in this pain. I am glad we are having this conversation. It’s time.”

    Matt didn’t comment on the matter. No words yet on when Anything will be released.

    written by Luciana May 15, 2016

    “Anything”: It’s a Wrap!

    Actor John Carrol Lynch confirmed on his official twitter that Anythingthat film we just heard about wrapped up filming. The wrap party was celebrated with the cast and crew honoring the Red Nose Day.

    As we was able to check last week, the film is adapted from a stage play also titled Anything, staged on Lillian Theatre back in 2007. The film, as the play, will be directed by Tim McNeil and stars Matt Bomer, Mark Ruffalo and John Carrol Lynch.

    The surprise on the John twitter is the confirmation that Matt is playing the main role, the cross-dressing Freda.

    Exciting much? We’ll update you more as soon we heard more news about it.

    written by Luciana May 06, 2016

    “Anything”, a New Project With Mark Ruffalo

    Mark Ruffalo woke us up with some news on his Instagram this morning. He posted a photo shouting out a film he was doing with Matt Bomer and John Carroll Lynch in Los Angeles, titled Anything. A few minutes later Dax Shepart replied his tweet about being on the project too – not sure if it was a joke or not.

    No information at all about the project, who’s directing, nothing. But a photo posted by Roxy Wood with Matt on set gave some hints on where to look after.

    A photo posted by Roxy Wood (@foxxyroxywood) on

    One of our twitter friends, Laura, find out that maybe the project is adapted from a stage play also titled Anything, staged on Lillian Theatre back in 2007. Written and starred by Tim McNeil, ANYTHING is a wryly humorous and profoundly moving story of the unlikely romance that blossoms between a reclusive grief-stricken widower from small-town Mississippi, and his charismatic transvestite neighbor on the brink of her own destruction.

    According to a review posted here, we can see at the supporting characters Freda’s abusive boyfriend Larry, which fits in the picture posted by Roxy. Just remind this is all speculation, since no official description was given to us by Mark or Matt.