• Matt Bomer

    Source: Amica Magazine
    Date: November 1, 2011

    Note: Thanks to Giorgia for transcribing it and Laura for helping edit it!

    On TV, he’s a con genius. But a forthcoming striptease at the cinema makes his fans’ dreams.


    Matt Bomer was born in Spring, a suburb of Houston, on October 11th, 1977. He debuted on TV on various soap operas. Now he’s in the cast of the Magic Mike’s strippers, which will be out in 2012.

    Impeccable body, a real six pack, chiseled features that seems stolen from a greek statue, and a pair of blue eyes that has become the official logo for White Collar. In the TV series, Matt Bomer is the irresistible con artist Neal Caffrey. In reality, this 34 year old Texan man, defines himself a “brat prince” and confesses that until few weeks ago he was “terrorized at even the idea of doing a striptease”, so long as Steven Soderbergh asked it for the movie Magic Mike. We met him on an early morning in his house in Los Angeles.

    Good morning Matt, what is the first thing you do in the morning? A set of ab crunches?

    Are you joking?! I like to stay in bed ’till the last minute and leave the house as late as possible.

    You’re considered the “current best torso/chest in the world”. It takes a lot of training?

    It’s easy to stay fit if you work 12 or 15 hours per day. I go to the gym three times a week, for never more than one hour. And no personal trainer.

    On the web, your fans are already dreaming about your strip. Have you ever done it for a woman?

    No, I was ashamed. I’ve accepted to do it just because it’s a movie.

    If there is, can you tell me what’s the worst part of your body?

    Thousands, I never look at myself in the mirror. But the one I bear less is chest-hair (he says laughing).

    I didn’t ask you about the best one: your eyes. How proud are you of your glance?

    I do not realize it. I’m a romantic guy. I like to talk: even in Magic Mike, I get off the stage to seduce and try to entertain my prey.

    How much there is of you in the nice rascal that is Neal Caffrey?

    I always felt like the brat brother of a prince. I’m not a nice guy, but neither a diabolic one like Caffrey. I’m a compromise between the two of them.

    Who would you look like?

    Cary Grant: charming, disarming, he had class and was always nice with his fans.

    And how is your relationship with your fans?

    Great, I always stop to say hi, sign autographs and take pictures. And I feel I’m reciprocated: when I had played a gay married man in “8” a lot of fans showed up. And they were excited.


    – Like Paul Newman

    “Matt is the only subject on which me, my mother and my grandmother agree on: he will be the next Paul Newman”, says Generation on E! ‘s forum.

    – With him in the clouds

    “You’re right, he’s a dream on a rainbow colored sugar’s cloud”, says Carol on the site Village Voice.

    – One for everyone

    “There is no way to clone him so we can each have one of him?”, says Barbara on JustJared’s blog.


    He was Ben Reade on Guiding Light from 2001 to 2003. He risked to be Clark Kent on Superman Returns, but then the director chose to give the role to Brandon Routh.