• Charismatic Conman

    Source: Aussie TV Week
    Date: December 28, 2009

    White Collar has finally given Matt Bomer a well-deserved chance to shine – and show off his skills as a swindler.

    On his new hit show, Matt Bomer plays the devilishly handsome conman who bought himself a get-out-of-jail-free card by agreeing to help the FBI catch like-minded criminals. But while he may be a fresh face to some, Matt assures TV WEEK he’s more than paid his dues over the last decade in productions as diverse as soap opera Guiding Light and slasher flick Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006). Here, the actor offers his thoughts on…

    His Character, Neal Caffrey
    On one hand, he’s this slick, hyper-intelligent con artist who can maneuver in and out of society’s upper echelons, but on the other, he’s a diehard romantic. His missing girlfriend, Kate (Alexandra Daddario), is his Achilles heel, and his search for her is his driving force.

    Neal and Peter’s On-Screen Bromance
    From the very first moment we met, Tim DeKay (FBI Agent Peter Burke) and I just clicked. It wasn’t anything we forced. We just want people to have a good time when they watch the show.

    Neal’s Dapper Fashion Sense
    I’ve been more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of guy, but when you dress like Neal does every day, you start to have an appreciation for the finer things in life – so my wardrobe budget has definitely increased!

    Being Named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Rising Star”
    These people obviously haven’t seen me in the morning. The crew at work tease me relentlessly about it.

    His Time Away From The Set
    I work such crazy hours that I don’t really have much down time – but, when I do get a break, I try to stay in touch with the people who make sure I keep my feet on the ground.

    Preparing To Play A White-Collar Crim
    I did speak to some folks who were particularly skilled in that area, and I read an autobiography of Frank Abagnale (the subject if the 2002 film Catch Me If You Can). I also drew inspiration from such actors as Cary Grant in To Catch A Thief (1955) and Paul Newman in The Sting (1973).

    Using His Looks To Get Tables In Restaurants
    Honestly, I never do! I just call and make a reservation. My parents raised me right, so I always open doors for people and try to have good manners.

    Missing Out On The Title Role In The Superman Remake
    Looking back – wasn’t that a blessing in disguise?! I was only 23 at the time and I don’t think I’d have been able to appreciate it or give it the work it deserved. Although, it would have been great to wear tights for 10 years…

    Whether He’d Make A Better Con Artist Or FBI Agent
    Definitely a con artist. I’ve been a con artist since I was 16 and trying to get my dad to buy me a car. I never succeeded, but I learnt a lot of tactics.

    Being On Guiding Light And In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: In The Beginning
    When I took on Guiding Light, I’d been working as a bellhop in New York. After 9/11, I lost my job and had no income, so I took the gig. When I was offered Texas Chainsaw I was workshopping a play and making, like, 50 cents a week

    On Fame
    It’s hard to talk about it without sounding obnoxious, but I do notice it when I walk down the street and people say things to me. Thankfully, it’s all been positive, although one person did start crying, which was uncomfortable and strange!

    Neal’s Back In The Slammer!
    In this week’s thrilling season-finale cliffhanger, Neal is framed for a diamond heist and finds himself back behind bars. And after recently discovering who was responsible for his lover Kate’s disappearance, the troubled ex-con has no idea who to trust or where to turn.

    With the evidence stacked against him, Neal decides to risk it all and embarks on a daring escape. He’s determined to prove his innocence and, most importantly, locate his missing girlfriend.

    Enlisting Elizabeth’s (Tiffani Thiessen) help in pleading his cause to her husband, Peter, Neal manages to convince his FBI mentor that he’s the victim of a set-up and the pair once more join forces to catch the real culprit.

    “I’m starting to like you again,” Neal quips to Peter, who replies, “Then we’re hanging out too much.” But just when you think all is well and Neal and Peter can get back to the routine business of busting forgers and jewel thieves, prepare to have the rug billed out from under you.

    Nothing is as it seems, and Kate’s ominous warning to Neal that he cannot trust anyone comes frighteningly true!