• Matt Bomer’s Character Chatter

    Source: USA Network
    Date: January 22, 2013

    Thanks to Laura for transcribing it!

    The following are all of Matt Bomer’s comments and replies during the January 22nd Character Chatter during the White Collar season 4.5 premiere.

    From here and typed in chronological order, so you can read down and not have to scroll down and back up. All typos, lack of capitalization, etc. are retained. Fancy smilies have been turned into normal smilies because of copy and paste. The names of the questioners were removed for ease in creating the transcript and no other reason. You can go to the link for their names and for fancy smilies. ;p

    Q = Question. M = Matt.

    M: Hey everybody! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat tonight. I’m so excited to hear from all of you. I’ll try to get to as many questions as I can, and give some running commentary at the same time. Happy Premiere!!

    M: I just watched the brilliant Treat Williams on SVU.

    M: I felt bad, because he had a lot of talking to do.

    Q: If you could be any other character from WC, who would you be and why?

    M: hmmmm…. I’d love to play both Peter and Mozzie for an episode. Peter, because it would be fun to be on the other end of things, and Mozzie because he has the easiest work schedule and gets to be funny all the time.

    M: Treat, Tim, and I had to shoot the opening scene twice because of a discrepancy in his makeup continuity.

    Q: what is the thing you like the most about neal caffrey?

    M: He’s incredibly complicated, but he hides most of his feelings. That’s very challenging to play as an actor, but very fun as well.

    Q: Hello fellow Texan! Do you and Neal share any similarities? If so what are they? By the way, I love how down to earth you are.

    M: Howdy! We have a similar sense of humor, and always try to keep life interesting. But I could never pull off half of the things he does. And thank you, I’ll tell my parents you said that! They’ll love that. xo

    Q: Hi Matt! Do you find yourself watching White Collar episodes live?

    M: Hi simplyjak! I try to watch them live as much as possible. Sometimes filming makes that impossible during the first half of the season, but I usually have time during the second half.

    Q: Hi Matt! Out of the entire cast who is the funniest?

    M: EVERYONE in our cast is funny. And I”m not just saying that. They all have a really unique sense of humor. Tim makes me laugh the most, but we also spend the most time together.

    M: while we were filming this, I was flying out to la on weekends to promote magic mike. i was wiped out!

    M: willie is so funny!

    M: and diahanne carroll is a legend. we are so lucky to have her on the show. when you get a free moment, check out some of her performances on youtube.

    Q: Hi Matt! How and when did you get into acting? Also, as a con man, Neal probably knows a language or two. Do you know how to speak any languages other than english? P.S. You are my role model and inspiration! I love you!!!

    M: Hi Jamie!! You are so kind. I started acting in 6th grade when I took theatre arts as an elective. I also speak spanish, and a little bit of a few other languages. I’ve actually learned a lot of phrases from other languages from playing Neal. Thanks for watching!

    Q: Matt, if you could do any other career other than acting, what would it be? (:

    M: i’d either be a marine biologist or a doctor. lol. Thanks Stephers!

    Q: Hey Matt! What do you think of a Noir episode for White Collar in season 5? I would absolutely LOVE to see one!! – Aria

    M: That is a bada$% idea! I would love to do that. I’m pitching that to Jeff Eastin immediately. Black and white. that would be so much fun!

    Q: what or who inspired you to act ?

    M: had a great teacher named Marla Crowe, RIP, who encouraged me and helped me out a lot in middle school. I love her and miss her.

    Q: what are you currently listening to? any favorite musicians?

    M: there’s this guy named jake bugg who has a really great song called ‘two fingers’ that i like a lot right now. other than that, my tastes are all over the place. i love everything.

    Q: Is it easier to shoot a movie or a series?

    M: It depends on what the schedule and budget of the movie is. Sometimes a movie can move even faster than a tv show, especially if its an independent film But a tv show is more of a marathon, because its a long shoot, with a lot of material.

    thanks erin!

    Q: What is one of your guilty pleasures?

    M: i love dark chocolate


    M: hey monica. lol. yes, its really me. its hard to pick which scene i liked the most. i loved doing the scene with treat that takes place at the end of this episode.

    M: i liked getting to play neal hungover


    Q: Which of Neal’s characteristics do you wish you possessed more of in your own real life? Much love from Upstate NY! Thx for chatting with us!

    M: whats up upstate new york???

    love it up there.

    probably his unwavering confidence. and his ability to pick any lock. lol

    thanks dannica!

    Q: Matt, do you prank with the cast? What’s the best prank you ever did?

    M: we prank all the time. on the day of the magic mike premiere, i heard this loud music playing on set. willie came on stage and did a strip tease in front of the entire crew…..i’m still in therapy.

    Q: Hi Matt! I am a new fan of the show and can’t believe it took this long to start watching. I am 100% hooked!!! Which crime do you think was the best one that your character had to solve so far?

    M: hey sarah. thanks for watching! that’s a tough question. i’ve liked a lot of them. i wish i could pick just one! sorry this isn’t more specific I liked the banksy episode earlier this year. i also liked the boiler room themed episode.

    Q: Hi Matt! Hi Matt! What is your favorite alias of Neal’s? Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

    M: Hey! Hard to say. Probably Steve Tabernackle. lol thank you!!!

    M: i’m really excited to see graceland. it’s going to be great.

    M: i was in dc for the inauguration this weekend. it was amazing. something i’ll never forget. i went with the creative coalition. check them out. they’re great at making sure public schools keep funding for the arts. i went to public school, and if there weren’t an arts program, i wouldn’t have known how to become an actor.

    Q: Hi Matt!! I’m Mica! Do you get mind f*** with the crimes that Neal Caffrey solves? Because I always do and at the end of the episode I’m always amazed. And, I love you! And you’re so good with what you’re doing – acting and being amazing!! Thanks for chatting with us! <3

    M: hey micaela, i’m so glad you asked this. in short, yes!!! but i just keep reading the episode until i understand exactly whats going on, and i know and trust that jeff eastin has always thought it out. and thank you so much for the kind words!

    Q: What is it like to work in New York City?

    M: its the best. it was a always a dream of mine to get to work in new york. ever since i saw woody allen’s manhattan. there’s an energy to new york that can’t be replicated anywhere else. we are very, very lucky.

    Q: Hey Matt, I am a big fan of White Collar =(^.^)=, and what to know if you could have a special guest actor or actress on the show who would you want it to be? and why?

    M: hey megan. i feel so spoiled with all the great actors and actresses we’ve had on the show. there are lots of great people i can think of. i’d love for my friend cote depablo from ncis to come on for an episode. i would love for my mom to be played by kathleen turner or another great actress like that. Who do you think would be good for my mom?

    Q: Hello Matt, how does it feel to be partnered with Gilt so far? -Ingrid from Los Angeles =) x

    M: they’re incredible. i feel very lucky that we got to collaborate on the caffrey collection. i’m on there all the time, so it’s surreal to be working with them now. check it out on gilt.com when you get a chance! Along with the very talented designers at Alton Lane, I helped design the custom ties, pocket squares, shirts and suits. All my proceeds go to charity.

    M: when we read this scene, willie and i turned to each other and said, ‘really? a glass blowing montage?’ and laughed. but it was really fascinating to see how it all works. and i’m really happy with how it turned out.

    Q: Hi Matt, although I can’t watch the new episode because we’re a season behind in Canada I was wondering if you fine Neal ever making his way into your real life? I absolutely love the show and you. Keep up the great work! Love, Melissa

    M: i try to let the good aspects of neal rub off on me, and exercise some self control when the bad ones tempt me. =) thanks mooeyrae. i love canada!

    M: sometimes its the other way around though.

    Q: Hi Matt… Will you guest again at Glee? I so love seeing you sing and dance.

    M: we’ve talked about it, and if the schedule works out, i’d love to. i still talk to darren criss all the time. he’s one of the nicest people in the business. and i really think of him as my little brother.

    M: I just want to say that I’m so proud to be working with all the incredible actors in our cast. They are all amazing. I’ve learned so much from them, and they always make me better. Thank you white collar cast!

    Q: So far which Season of White Collar has been your favorite and why? Just want to add I’m such a huge fan man, and you are an amazing actor and person, keep up the good work, and I hope to see you in Australia one day!!

    M: good question. they’ve all been so different. in the first 2, the conflict was all external. who killed kate? how can i avenge her death? in season 3 and 4 its been more internal. do i stay or do i go? was i born a criminal or conditioned to be one? they’ve all been fun

    Q: Hi Matttt!! =) =) =) As a highschooler, I’m curious, what was your hardest subject in school? Haha I kind of suck at all my subjects… I’m sure everyone struggles sometimes, it might be reassuring to hear if someone as successful as you had any trouble in school

    M: hey natalie! my hardest subject was physics, which is strange because I love quantum physics now. but the math involved was always tough for me. hang in there, and keep studying. i wish you all the best in school. xo

    Q: Ciao Matt!! I’m a huge fan of yours from Italy =) At this time, it’s 4:30 a.m and I’m so happy to have the chance to communicate with you! You are a talented actor, as well as a very charming man, and for these reasons, I’d like it if you would have more leading roles!!

    My question is: Do you love art? If so, there’s a painting you prefer? You’re so perfect, Matt

    M: Ciao Italia!! I love Italy so much. I wish I was there right now. Thank you for waking up so early. I love the impressionists. Especially Monet. I still can’t wrap my head around it. I can look at impressionist paintings all day.

    Q: Hi there Matt =) What do you do to get into character before shooting a scene? Take care always, Australia loves you! You are by far my most beloved actor, you’re such an inspirational to me, always will be =)

    M: hey ms_janeeleen15. You are so sweet. I love Australia! I hope to get down there someday soon. Neal is so intellgent and confident, that I have to start my day with a lot of caffeine to be quick enough to keep up with him. Sometimes I have to act more confident than I am to keep up with him. I’m sure my costars find that really annoying. lol Thank you!! You inspire me too!

    Q: Matt, do you think there is such a thing as a “perfect scene” or a ” perfect take”? Would you describe yourself as being a perfectionist? Love the show, by the way!

    M: Hey Alex. Great question. When I first started the show, I was a complete perfectionist. I still have my moments. Then I realized that sometimes the best takes happen when there are little happy accidents, and there can be perfection in imperfection.

    Q: Hi Matt!! Loving the episode so far… love to see this side of Neal. Which episode of season 4 is your favorite so far? Which episode are you most excited for?

    M: hey imbatwayne! i really like this episode, because its the most vulnerable we’ve seen neal. i also like the finale a lot. I’m excited to hear what you guys think about it. do you like seeing neal a little softer, or when he’s always confident?

    M: Hey- let’s take a poll. do you gals and guys like it better when neal is more vulnerable, or when he’s confident and stoic? i’d love to hear what you have to say.

    (100s of responses)

    Q: Hi Handsome! Big Hello from your hometown state!! Just wanted to say that you are such an incredible actor! I truly think you are the epiphany of what a talented genuine actor is! What is one saying that keeps you motivated/driven?

    M: Hey Nina and Hello Texas!! You are too kind.
    Here’s one: The best inspiration is not to outdo others, but to out do ourselves.
    To achieve, all you have to do is believe.

    its cheesy, but it’s true. thank you! x

    Q: Hi Matt; which charity do you hold dear to your heart that you think everyone should be apart of?

    M: hey! i like the art of elysium because of the incredible work they do with kids. they were the first organization i ever volunteered with. also, the trevor project, glsen, and project als. if you have the time, try and do some volunteer work with an organization you feel strongly about. its about what you connect to. you’ll help a lot people, and you’ll feel good as well.

    M: Hey everyone. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this with me. I had a blast talking to you, and I’m sorry that I didn’t get the time to answer all of your questions. We’ll have to do it again! I’d like to say a special thank you to those of you who joined us from outside the USA, and who woke up early or stayed up late. I’m so thankful to ALL of you guys. Also a special thanks to Scott Evans for doing a great job on this episode. If you get a chance, check out the Caffrey Collection on gilt.com. The incredibly talented guys at Alton Lane and I put it together, and all of my proceeds go to charity. I hope you like the rest of the season. I wish you all happiness and health, and I hope to meet you someday. Love always, Matt Bomer