• Matt Bomer Interview WHITE COLLAR; Plus an Update on Andrew Niccol’s NOW

    Source: Collider.com
    Date: January 18, 2011

    New episodes of the popular television series White Collar, about the unlikely partnership of con artist Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) and FBI Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay), return to the USA Network on January 18th. Answers will be given and new questions will arise, as viewers learn about the fate of Mozzie (Willie Garson), Neal’s most trusted friend and co-conspirator, and the secrets of the mysterious music box.

    While at the NBC Universal portion of the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, show star Matt Bomer talked about getting to do some flashbacks so that viewers get to see the genesis of the relationship between Neal and Peter, revealing bits of the mythology of the music box, and his desire to know as little as possible about his character ahead of time. He also talked about filming the sci-fi thriller Now, with Justin Timberlake, over his hiatus. Check out what he had to say after the jump:

    Question: Are you done shooting for the season?

    Matt Bomer: Yes, we wrapped.

    Since there is a bit of a role reversal in some of the remaining episodes, between Neal and Peter, what sorts of things did you get to do?

    Matt Bomer: There are a lot of interesting things that the writers threw at us, in the second half of the season. One of them is getting to go back in time and do flashbacks, so you see the genesis of the relationship. Our relationship is so lived-in now, that it was fun to explore when we first met and how that all came about. We fill in a lot of gaps with the Kate (Alexandra Daddario) character. She’s been such a cipher. We don’t have anything to draw on, other than Neal’s love for her.

    Will viewers learn the music box mystery?

    Matt Bomer: Yeah, there are a lot of really big mythology questions and a lot of closure on those. And, that will open up a lot of new doors. It’s really exciting because it can be so many things. I just don’t know what it’s going to be until we start shooting again.

    Do you like that?

    Matt Bomer: Yeah. I like to know as little as possible because you don’t play the result. I just say, “Tell me what I have to know.” That way, every time I get a script, it’s like a Christmas present that you open, and you just take the journey.

    Did you get to do anything over hiatus?

    Matt Bomer: Yes. I did a film called Now. It is a futuristic thriller about a futuristic society where they’ve figured out the aging gene, and it turns off at the age of 25.

    So does everyone stay looking like they’re 25?

    Matt Bomer: Yes, but you have a time clock. When you turn 25 you have X amount of time to live. Money is time, so if you have a lot of it, you can live forever. What it ends up doing is creating a classist society.

    Who do you play in the film?

    Matt Bomer: I play a 105-year-old from the very upper-class. He’s a tragic JFK, Jr. type of character. I based him on Montgomery Clift a lot because he wants to effect change, but he doesn’t know how to do it and is sort of lost. He knows that the way society is set up is inherently wrong, but doesn’t know how to change it. It comes out in September. It’s a great director, named Andrew Niccol, who did Gattaca and wrote The Truman Show, and a great cast.

    Who’s in the film with you?

    Matt Bomer: Justin Timberlake plays the hero, who’s trying to rectify the situation. He is amazing. Justin is who I do the majority of my work with. Amanda Seyfried is in it, Cillian Murphy and Alex Pettyfer, and they’re all great.