• Matt Bomer Talks In Time

    Source: HeyUGuys
    Date: October 31, 2011

    It seems fitting that my first interview of the day was Matt Bomer. In the world of “In Time”, where people stop aging at 25, the landscape is very pretty. So when Matt walked into the room and introduced himself to each of the journalists sitting at the table, it was obvious why he belonged in this movie. He is extremely handsome and seemed to fit the mold Andrew Niccol had designed for the film. During our discussing we talked at length about various topics including how “In Time” is being released at a very unique time in American history. The film deals greatly with the whole 1% issue that mirrors protests happening around the globe today. He talked to the idea of fearing death and that it is something he currently doesn’t think too much about. Because he spends so little time on screen, as the wealthy Henry Hamilton, I was curious to know what drew him to the small but pivotal role. Here is what he had to say:

    HeyUGuys: Did you and Andrew ever discuss a detailed back-story for your character Henry?

    Matt Bomer: Yes. I had some ideas and he had some ideas and we had a meeting very shortly before I began. I think a couple days before I started shooting where we just bounced some ideas off of each other. And he took what he liked of my ideas and I took all of his ideas and we just sort of went from there. And it was very specific and to me, it was very tied into the patriarchal nature of this group of elite and wealthy folks in New Grennich.

    HeyUGuys:Are there aspects of what is happening to Henry in the film that you can personally identify with?

    Matt Bomer: Yeah! I think that’s usually why you get hired for a certain part. There is generally something about your understanding of life that you relate to with the character. I’m not saying you have to be the person you play. But I understand a lot of things socially, culturally and societaly that I know I, and a lot of other people, would like to see changed, with regards to Henry. I think that’s why Andrew wrote the movie to begin with.