• Matt Bomer Has Just Jared On His Heart

    Source: Just Jared
    Date: July 24, 2010

    JJ: How has your life changed since the success of White Collar?

    MB: Well, to me, it’s so great that the people are responding to the character in the way they are and I’ve been working in the business for a long time playing lots of different roles, so there is obviously something about the writing and the role. Something that I’ve tapped into that thankfully people seem to be responding to. My life hasn’t really changed at all – I still put on the same t-shirt and jeans every morning and just go to work and do my thing. I think as an artist, you’re always hoping that people respond to the stories you are doing and I’m just grateful that people seem to be enjoying White Collar.

    JJ: I think it has something to do with you wearing hats…

    MB: (laughs) it probably does have something to do with the hats and the wardrobe as well.

    JJ: Are you as fashionable as your character is?

    MB: I’m not into shopping – I’m really more of a T-shirt and jeans kinda guy! I get out of the shower and go about my day. But spending so much time with Neal and getting to be dapper on a daily basis definitely rubbed off on me to a certain extent. I try to make an effort when I go out.

    JJ: You just did the hot shoot for Entertainment Weekly, showing off quite a nice body. What are your workout rituals?

    MB: My work out plan is get to the gym when humanly possible, which actually isn’t that often, I’m sad to say. I do about 70 hours a week on the show, so I just fit it in when I can and I try to eat healthy in the meantime.

    JJ: What can you share with us with the upcoming season of White Collar? (SPOILER FROM LAST SEASON!)

    MB: We still have the same fun procedural element, there is also the great woody dancer that goes on between all of us. In terms of Neal, with Kate dying at the end of last season, he’s really taking some darker turns and is sort of hellbent, so I am going to do some new things with the character.

    JJ: Any upcoming guest stars?

    MB: Yeah, we have a lot of fun guest stars coming up. We have Hilarie Burton come on and plays a character who has an old axe to grind with my character so we are constantly at each-others throats. There is also a flirtation sort of sexual tension between us as well.