• How Do ‘In Time’ Stars Make The Most Of Their Time?

    Source: MTV.com
    Date: October 28, 2011

    We ask Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried and more how they avoid wasting time at the DMV, on a plane and more.

    Hey, Justin Timberlake fans: You can now celebrate your favorite triple threat’s return to the big screen via the new sci-fi thriller “In Time.” The film is set in the not-so-distant future in a society that lives and dies according to how much time you have and can acquire. In this world, time is literally money, and when your time runs out, you die.

    In the spirit of making the most of time, although in not quite as serious a manner as is portrayed in the film, when MTV News caught up with the cast of “In Time,” we asked a series of rapid-fire questions pegged to getting the most out of everyday scenarios: “How do you make the most of your time, when … ”

    1. On a plane?
    “Oh, I like to read or do crossword puzzles,” said Vincent Kartheiser, whom “Mad Men” fans will recognize as bad guy Pete Campbell.

    “I sleep, normally,” Amanda Seyfried said, “but [I like to listen to] audio books or knit.”

    2. On hold with customer service?
    “When the [customer service rep] comes back, I like to completely change voices,” Timberlake revealed, changing his voice into a deep, serious baritone. ” ‘Hey, I’d like to speak to your supervisor,’ and then [changing his voice into a high-pitched, younger voice], ‘Hey, man, listen, I had a problem,’ ” he play-acted for us.

    “I put [the phone] on speaker and get some work done,” Matt Bomer said.

    3. God forbid, when the Internet goes down?
    “You should read a book,” Bomer advised of this worst-case scenario. “Maybe the newspaper, get caught up on current events.”

    Seyfried told us she’s trying to cut down her Internet use. “It gets to be time consuming, so when the Internet goes down, you just have to read the newspaper,” she said.

    4. When waiting at the DMV?
    “Power through,” Bomer advised of the always-long lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles. “Whatever you can get done. Sudoku, Maybe?”

    “There’s always one person who’s like, ‘I hate this place! I’m never coming back!’ ” Kartheiser said.

    “Google whatever the state legal limit is for blood alcohol concentration, because that’s usually why I’m there,” Timberlake added with a laugh.