• INTERVIEW w/ White Collar’s Matthew Bomer

    Source: Pop Damage
    Date: August 24, 2010

    On USA’s White Collar, Matthew Bomer plays Neal Caffrey, a charismatic ex-con who collaborates with the FBI on high class and high profile cases in New York City. After spending last season chasing his lost lover Kate, only to lose her and be left to solve the mystery of an antique music box, Neal’s world in season two pushes him deeper into the FBI and towards a larger mystery.

    At Comic Con Matthew opened up about Neal’s motives, his future with the FBI, and that pesky music box everyone seems to be after.

    What secret does the music box unlock?

    Matthew Bomer: Well, it’s actually a code. I’m not sure how much I can say about it. It’s a code, it’s a very complex code. It’s something that takes a while for us to unlock. It’s a mystery that’ll unravel slowly.

    Do you know what it unlocks?

    MB: No, I don’t. I truly don’t. I wish I did. I don’t like to know things too far ahead of time.

    What’s driving Neal this season? What are his motivations?

    MB: Avenging Kate’s death. He wants to do it in the way he thinks is right which obviously doesn’t jive with what Peter thinks is right. You know, Neal likes to test his boundaries and do things his way. He can be a pretty stubborn guy.

    Will we ever see Neal become a legitimate, fulltime FBI agent?

    MB: No. Well, I think one of the things that’s unique to the character that was always fun for me to play is the idea of this guy who was a three-dimensional human being who had flaws who was well-rounded but at the end of the day you could never really trust. You never really knew what he was going to do next. I think if that tension was lost and that dynamic of trust that’s a central theme on the show was lost, I think the show would lose something. I hope he always sort of maintains his moral ambiguity.

    Many fans know you from your role as Bryce Larkin on the first two seasons of Chuck. Any chance you’ll be back?

    MB: I’m always open to it. They were a family to me for a while. It’s an amazing group of people, truly, especially spearheaded by Zachary Levi. I think he’s one of the coolest people I’ve ever gotten to work with. He’s intelligent, charming and gracious and kind and he maintains it all amidst all the craziness of what it means to star in a TV series. I always had a great time working with those guys. Anytime they had me back, the writing was great; the tone of the show was fun. It’d be a blast.