• Matt Bomer in White Collar series three

    Source: RadioTimes
    Date: February 12, 2013

    While you are waiting for the third series of Alibi’s glossy FBI drama to kick off next Tuesday, we’ve got some preview pictures of the next series and a few words from the show’s leading man Matt Bomer…

    So what can fans expect from series three of White Collar?

    “What I love about series 3 is that Neal’s conflict goes from an external one (to find Kate, and avenge her death) to an internal one which is ‘do I stay or do I go?’ and the tryst dynamics between he and Peter get thrown completely out of whack this season so a lot of it is about them sussing each other out and Neal figuring out if he’s going to be a career criminal or does he really have value and worth at the FBI.”

    Have you ever been conned in real life?

    “Absolutely, I think anyone who moves to New York as a young twenty-something has been conned one way or another! I was sold a pair of dud speakers in college once. It made me open my eyes to the world around me and, not be a cynic but, certainly always look for the deepest agenda in any situation.”

    Would you run off into the sunset if you came across some treasure like Neal and Mozzie?

    “I knew my morality was going to come into this! That’s a tough question. I would love to say I would do the right thing but who knows… I guess I’d have to be in that situation to answer honestly. I’d surely be tempted to run off to my island!”

    White Collar follows the life of Neal Caffrey, a con man who makes a deal with the FBI and starts helping them to catch criminals. Though he has the chance to start a new honest life for himself, Neal is often drawn back into his old exsistance.

    The series also stars Willie Garson, who played Stamford in Sex and the City, Tiffani Thiessen, aka Kelly from Save by The Bell, Marsha Thomason, who starred as Naomi in Lost and One Tree Hill’s Hilary Burton.