• WHITE COLLAR Season 3 Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay Interview: Their Summer Essentials

    Source: Small Screen Scoop
    Date: May 31, 2011

    On the USA Network original series WHITE COLLAR the talented Tim Dekay and Matt Bomer play an FBI agent and criminal informant who work together. In real life, they’re great friends who riff with each other like a trained comedy team. On Thursday afternoon I had the wonderful chance to once again talk with this dynamic duo. They broke from shooting for lunch (a delicious BBQ was waiting for them, it was probably torture to make them smell the food but wait) to talk about White Collar season 3. As they gracefully side-stepped around giving away too many spoilers, I got them to reveal news about some new White Collar sets, and what kind of summer they hope to have.

    Jessica Rae: White Collar is an essential summer TV show for all big TV fans. So Matt, what are a couple of essential summer activities or items for you and for your character?

    Matt Bomer: For me, it would be BBQ and the beach. For Neal, I think it would be probably a linen suit and a straw fedora.

    Jessica Rae: Very nice.

    Matt Bomer: And a nice summer cocktail.

    Tim DeKay: But not BBQ sauce on the linen suit.

    Matt Bomer: Hopefully not, no.

    Jessica Rae: And Tim, what about for you and for Peter – some summer essentials?

    Tim DeKay: Summer essentials… I’d say the beach, the baseball diamond, these are for Tim, a BBQ – corn on the cob. And for Peter, I think corn on the cob as well and a nice stroll through Central Park with Elizabeth having soft ice cream.

    Jessica Rae: I was watching the Season 2 DVD that has come out and it’s got a lot of great extras. And something that Tiffani was talking about was how she can’t wait for more sets to be seen. She wants everyone to see more of the Burke household and stuff. Are there any more sets we’ll be seeing in Season 3 that you can talk about or that you hope we could see?

    Tim DeKay: In addition to all the great locations that this show takes us to you are going to see the Burke kitchen. They designed a gorgeous kitchen for us so quite a few scenes will take place in there.

    Matt Bomer: And also a beautiful new interrogation room. In the FBI.

    Tim DeKay: Yes, with that fancy mirror-window.

    Matt Bomer: And light-up table.

    Tim DeKay: Yes, it’s a table that lights up.

    Matt Bomer: And what else? An extension of Neal’s closet, which is as we come to find is sort of also a room that he can spy from.

    Tim DeKay: And not to reveal too much…

    Matt Bomer: A two-way mirror in there.

    Tim DeKay: Not to reveal too many upcoming stories because we don’t want to spoil those but just to see where some other folks on the show live.

    Jessica Rae: And you’ve mentioned this interrogation room, will we ever see Peter interrogating Neal?

    Tim DeKay:No, not in that interrogation room.

    Matt Bomer:No, not yet.

    Jessica Rae: And would you like to get a chance to interrogate Matt or would Matt interrogate Tim?

    Matt Bomer: Unfortunately I think Tim already knows. There’s nothing he could interrogate out of me at this point.

    Tim DeKay: Let me just say, I don’t think there’s anything else to ask and for us to know.

    Jessica Rae: Well, that’s a close relationship.

    Matt Bomer: Yes.

    Tim DeKay: Yes.

    Jessica Rae: Yes, well, thank you guys so much for talking. And I know, are you guys eating lunch right now.

    Matt Bomer: About to.

    Tim DeKay: We’re about to.

    Jessica Rae: What are you guys going to eat for lunch?

    Tim DeKay: They did a BBQ for us outside. The whole cast and crew’s doing a BBQ.

    White Collar premieres June 7th at 9 p.m. on USA NETWORK. Enjoy your summer with Caffrey and Burke.