• Me Tarzan, You Insane

    Source: Soap Opera Weekly
    Date: 2002

    Since joining Guiding Light last year, Matthew Bomer (Ben) has worn a speedo in a hot tub, his underwear on the beach, and, most recently, a loincloth to a Halloween party.

    “It’s flattering, I guess,” he offers the unfazed actor. “The hot tub was my baptism into that whole realm, and thankfully it was very hot water, so it enabled me to be a little more relaxed than I would have been in other circumstances.

    “Honestly, when I was in my tighty-whiteys,” he continues, “I thought I was going to be self-conscious, but I got into the scene. Ben wouldn’t be self-conscious. He’s so full of himself. Even if he was feeling self-conscious, he would never show it.”

    For those beach scenes, it also helped that Bomer felt comfortable with acting partner, Aubrey Dollar (Marina). “We waited tables together. It was our first job in New York City, and we had this tyrannical boss. We confided in each other and found support in each other. Now we’re playing opposite each other on the same TV show!”

    Bomer confesses, however, that he wasn’t too comfortable as Tarzan. “The party was for children,” he howls, “and I’m wearing practically nothing!”