• Faces to Watch

    Source: The New York Times
    Date: September 20, 2009

    Matt Bomer, ‘White Collar’

    If there is anyone on television who will be able to rival Jon Hamm in the exercise of properly carrying himself in a leanly proportioned dark suit, it is Matt Bomer, formerly of ”Chuck” and now the star of the promising new USA series ”White Collar.” As Neal Caffrey, a brainy con man who definitely isn’t shopping at Syms, Mr. Bomer is all impish charisma and boyish masculinity. He could charm you into a fugue state. A prison escapee who bolted to find a long-lost girlfriend, Neal is captured by his former law-enforcement nemesis, but instead of being sent back to lockup, he is put to work for the Feds. Caffrey can outsmart the best of them, and Mr. Bomer makes it seem entirely plausible that someone who looks like a Brioni model could have an I.Q. as high as a physicist’s.