• TwoCents & Five Questions With The Creative Team of White Collar

    Source: TheTwoCents
    Date: April 7, 2010

    White Collar seems to be USA’s latest in a proven track record (Monk, Psych, Burn Notice) of turning out superior original series. It’s also my favorite of all those shows, with a style and a wit all its own. Audiences agreed, turning out in record numbers so as to guarantee a second season before the first had gotten that far at all.

    Tuesday night at the The Paley Center for Media, series creator Jeff Eastin and members of the cast chatted about their thoughts on the blockbuster first season and what they’d like to see in season two.

    Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey)

    TheTwoCents: We’re led to believe that Kate was Neal’s true love, but as the season goes on, she starts looking pretty duplicitous. Do you think she really loved him, or was he getting played?

    Matt Bomer: I try to only think of it really in terms of the character. I think Neal will always believe that she did [love him].

    TTC: I interviewed Jeff Eastin awhile back and he was talking about how fascinated he was by how you’ve just kind of exploded in popularity. You’re the face of the show, the one that’s really seemed to catch on. What’s that been like for you?

    MB: I haven’t noticed anything different really besides people on the street or whatever. For me, I just enjoy doing my work and having fun on the job. Anything else that comes with it is great. We’re so in the trenches when we’re shooting, we don’t even think about that other stuff. We’re just having fun.

    TTC: Any thoughts as to what you’d like to see in Season 2?

    MB: Continue to have a lot of fun which we get to do, especially in relating to Tim’s character, Peter. I hope they keep that banter crisp and witty and fun and fresh and also get to see their relationship grow and develop and change. I think what I’ve enjoyed in season one is having this private life with Mozzie where he was doing the subterfuge sort of, and the public life with Peter where he was cooperating with the FBI and doing all that.

    TTC: I first took notice of you in a fantastic show on ABC called Traveler. Did you ever see series creator David DiGilio’s blog, where he outlined the final two seasons?

    MB: I did. I think he sent it to me. I read it a long time ago and it was so dense and Byzantine but I was fascinated and I loved it. God, that would’ve been really fun to get to do but it is what it is. The zeitgeist is what it is and that was one of those shows that sort of got put out there without a whole lot of love behind it. We had a great time doing it.

    TTC: Your character (Jay Burchell) was pretty much the only survivor, and I’ve always wondered what you thought about that.

    MB: Jay and his girlfriend [Kim], I think. and Viola Davis’s character, [Agent Jan] Marlow. Or did she die too? I don’t remember. A lot of people died. Would’ve been fun. Dave’s a great guy and incredibly talented writer so I wish him all the best.

    You can read the interview with the rest of the “White Collar” cast here.