• White Collar’s Matt Bomer on Neal’s “Dysfunctional” Love Life, Possible Freedom and Beyond

    Source: TV Guide.com
    Date: February 6, 2012

    Sara is back on White Collar, but it’s all business when she reunites with Neal.

    On Tuesday’s episode (10/9c on USA), Sara recruits the FBI to help her track down a missing Stradivarius violin. So does this professional collaboration mean the two exes might be making beautiful music together again? “In the last three episodes, they find a really organic, functional way to involve Sara in the closing of the season,” Bomer tells TVGuide.com. “He’s obviously incredibly attracted to her physically … but I think at the end of the day its like, if something happens, great. If not, OK.”

    After the pair ignited a red-hot romance late in Season 2, Sarah briefly moved into Neal’s loft before stumbling upon his and Mozzie’s surveillance camera footage of the stolen treasure. Sara immediately ended things and the case of the missing 17th century violin will be her first time back in his orbit.

    Although Neal has always been intrigued by Peter (Tim DeKay) and Elizabeth’s happily married, white picket fence lifestyle, but Bomer still doesn’t foresee Neal getting a similar happy ending. “Sara was a tangible, real love interest, and it showed how dysfunctional Neal is romantically,” he says. “Here is somebody who is exactly what he would need, and he still can’t ever see himself settling down with this one person.”

    In fact, Neal’s romantic future may be the furthest thing from his mind. Sara’s re-emergence coincides with the return of Peter’s former mentor, Agent Kramer (Beau Bridges), who seems intent on taking Neal down now that he may be getting out of his sentence early for good behavior.

    Neal’s possible freedom “is what we’re confronting in a big way,” DeKay says of the remaining Season 3 episodes. Will Peter reveal that Neal was in possession of the stolen treasure in a bid to hold onto his partner, or will he keep his mouth shut and possibly watch Neal go free?

    There’s also the possibility that Neal will do right thing and admit his involvement with the treasure, or say nothing so that he can ditch the anklet once and for all. “I hope nothing’s ever really resolved or that he’s just all of a sudden a good guy, or a bad guy,” Bomer says. “That was one of the things that appealed to me about playing the character, was the idea of one of the leads of a show being somebody you could never trust.”

    Unlike his fedora-wearing alter-ego, Bomer is in no rush to exit the show despite an increasingly busy schedule which includes this summer’s Magic Mike, the upcoming film adaptation of The Normal Heart, and a guest starring gig on Glee playing Blaine’s older brother. “As long as the show is around, it will always be home base for me,” Bomer says. “We have this great six month-hiatus that’s full of all kinds of opportunities for us to broaden our horizons, hopefully fill ourselves up and bring it back to the workplace.”