• White Hot

    Source: TV Guide Magazine
    Date: November 23, 2009

    With the hip crime series heading into a mid-season hiatus (new episodes return in January), we nabbed break-out heartbreaker Matt Bomer for the scoop on his con man-turned-FBI informant character, Neal Caffrey – and the actor’s own shady past.

    What can you tell us about the episode?

    I basically get set up for a crime I didn’t commit, so I take the rogue route to solve it myself. Let’s just say that Neal is going to push all the boundaries to prove his innocence.

    Have you ever pulled a con in your own life?

    I think anybody who was ever a teenager and had to ask their parents for something knows how to pull a basic con. But it’s important for me to keep my real-life relationships as authentic as possible, so I keep the shadier stuff on set.

    Now, about these sparks between Neal and Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen), your FBI handler’s wife…

    I knew someone would go there!

    C’mon. You don’t cast people who look like you two without thinking, “That would be hot to see.”

    [Laughs] Well, I can’t really comment on that… We have a lot of fun scenes together, but I have no idea if that will ever become a story line or not.

    Does the success of White Collar mean that we won’t be seeing you back on Chuck anytime soon?

    I would love to do Chuck again – but I don’t even have time to go to the grocery store right now, I am working so hard on this show!

    “It would be premature for Neal to jump across the line and be reformed completely. He operates in a much grayer shade of the moral spectrum.” – Matt Bomer