• White and Wrong

    Source: TV Guide Magazine
    Date: August 30, 2010

    So much for that ankle monitor! How can the FBI keep tabs on reformed con man Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer), when he has vengeance on his mind? “Neal is taking justice into his own hands,” reveals Bomer of tonight’s mid-season finale, in which he constructs an elaborate grift to confront his ex-girlfriend Kate’s murderer.

    When it happens, don’t expect him to stick to the rules. “A lot of moral lines get crossed,” Bomer says. “When it comes to Kate, he doesn’t always make the most rational, healthy decisions.” Naturally, this will create tension between him and straitlaced Fed Peter Burke (Tim DeKay). The trust between the partners remains “always liquid, never rock solid,” Bomer says.

    With good reason: Neal’s also allied himself with former love and current fence Alex (Gloria Votsis). “We get to do a lot of fun ‘To Catch A Thief’ – style scenes, a lot of flirtatious banter,” Bomer says. As for that ever-mysterious music box? Bomer will divulge that Agent Fowler (Noah Emmerich) is “the man who has a lot of answers” – but that’s about it. “I’ve definitely learned a lot from Neal’s playbook,” he says. “Never show all the cards.”