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Added even more “White Collar” set photos

I added 7 set photos of Matt filming “White Collar” on 4/20/10 in New York City, NY. Thanks Crayen!

I also replaced 4 “White Collar” set photos on 4/19/10 with HQ versions.

PS: Jeff Eastin posted some more set photos! You can view them here.

Also, it looks like “White Collar” is moving to the 9 PM slot!

Cablers battle for Tuesday supremacy
USA will move “White Collar” to 9 on the night to provide a launch pad
for “Covert Affairs” at 10 (the exact preem date has not been set).


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  1. That’s a mask in his hands! I thought the whole “rob a bank” thing was a Jeff Eastin joke. Goodness! They are starting the season off with quite a bang.

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