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  • August 01

    Added Flaunt Magazine #110 scans

    Written by Kelly

    I have finally added scans of Matt featured in Flaunt Magazine #110. I delayed posting the scans because I wanted to generate more interest in buying the magazine to support Matt. If you are interested in buying the magazine, please click here for details.

    Since I paid over $17 for this magazine (with shipping), I’d prefer you link to this post instead of uploading them elsewhere, and please do not remove the tag. If you use them for icons or wallpaper, please link back, and also be sure to share them with us too. I hope you enjoy them!

    PS: Please vote for Matt Bomer for September Site Of The Month here (lower right sidebar).

    13 Comments to "Added Flaunt Magazine #110 scans"

    1. Lynne says:

      I know it gets boring, but I repeat….he’s amazing. Love LA in the background as he jumps into the pool.

    2. Sab says:

      Beautiful! Thanks, Kelly.

    3. Rob says:

      I got Flaunt today – quite a magazine. Would also love to see full length feature on Matt similar to the Colin Farrell piece.

    4. Rob says:

      Kelly – voted for the site. Will do a again.

    5. Kelly says:

      That’s definitely what I’m hoping for. It would be a dream come true for Matt to be featured on the cover and to have a 10+ page feature in Flaunt Magazine (or any quality magazine for that matter).

    6. clichejuice says:

      Kelly do you know if they are willing to send the magazine overseas to people wanting to buy them?

    7. Kelly says:

      I’m pretty certain they will. Mary-Catherine is super nice, so it would not hurt to send an email to ask her. Just viewing the magazine scans online isn’t enough. This is a magazine every Matty fan should personally own. 😀

    8. Rob says:

      Mary-C made it very easy.

    9. clichejuice says:

      Thanks for letting me know guys!!

    10. Minmin says:

      I’ve already made a reserve for Flaunt #110 which isn’t expensive in Japan here, but was told that I have to wait a couple of weeks. They are on ship, crossing ocean now…safe trip, my magazine! 🙂

    11. murry says:

      i voted for the site.

    12. murry says:

      gorgeous Matt!
      i want this magazine!

    13. Cynthia says:

      was anybody able to find the Flaunt magazine in the stores?? i went to one Barnes&Noble & they have a HUGE magazine collection, but no Flaunt…….gonna go to another HUGER B&N this weekend!!!! the magazine section at the Borders by me is pretty small, but i should check there too……just in case!!!
      if any of you picked it up at a store, please let us know!!!! THANX!!!!