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  • August 04

    Added photoshoots and desktop wallpaper

    Written by Kelly

    I added some more photoshoots. A big thanks to mata090680 for posting them and Sab for the tip!

    I also added 3 Desktop Wallpaper created by Blue Girl Graphics and Asdette.

    PS: Tim DeKay will be appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight!

    5 Comments to "Added photoshoots and desktop wallpaper"

    1. Rob says:

      The colored photos in the vest are quite beautiful. Matt has always been very humble and modest when interviewers have asked him embarassing questions regarding his personal appearance. I wonder on a personal level, when he looks in the mirror, does he himself as everyone else sees him?

    2. Sharon M. says:

      The “blue hue” photos lovingly depict Matt in such an aesthetic nature, especially the one featuring the window. The dramatic lighting beautifully captures his subtle smile and highlights his fantastic facial features. He would be a perfect subject for a life drawing … an artist’s muse would you have it.

      I would love to get one of these photos autographed. Has anyone had success in obtaining a personal autograph from Mr. Bomer?

    3. Lynne says:

      I love how he is starting to get “fashion” recognition as well. Here’s an article that just came out in WWD. Usually you have to have a subscription to see the article, but they have it up on the website for a little while.

    4. Janine says:

      Some very beautiful pictures. The pictures in that article are just stunning! I always call Matt ‘the perfect non-model model’. He definitely can bring on that ‘old hollywood-style elegance’. It’s great to see a younger person who has that ability. Thank you, Lynne, for posting that link. 🙂

    5. murry says:

      he’s the perfect guy.