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  1. I’m sooooo not on the Superman bandwagon unless Matt actually wants to do it. I think there are much better roles out there for him. It’s great he’s doing so well in the poll though. 🙂

  2. @ Kelly – totally agree, it’s not something I would like to see him pursue, but it’s quite entertaining seeing him winning the poll whipping the Superman pundits into a frenzy!

  3. Please educate me as to what these people do for Matt, other than take their fee, of course; clearly I’m not knowledgeable on entertainment biz, thanks:
    1) New agency, CAA – Tony Lipp
    2) A manager – saw a note that Matt has not named a new one
    3) His publicist – naturally, only his professional role

  4. Here’s my 2 cents – The agency manages a stable of talent and basically assigns a specific agent to a specific enterntainer. It depends on arrangement if a manger is exclusive to one entertainer or manages more than one. Matt’s publicist keeps Matt’s name out in the public, but more importantly SHE manages all interviews / articles / etc. Generally speaking, if an actor gives an interview, they generally have right to review it prior to release for potential changes – also can control questions. Publicist also does damage control when things are printed/said in a negativce light. You generally see the publicist at an actors side just off camera.

  5. Thank you, Rob, for the info. I noticed many Oscars winners are
    CAA clients. Also, tidbits online spoke well of Lipp’s Dartmouth
    education adding he began as an intern at CAA. Oh, who is his
    publicist, the SHE you mentioned? May each “sell” Matt’s career

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