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Added InStyle and TV Guide Magazine scans

I added scans from the upcoming issue of TV Guide Magazine and InStyle Magazine (February 2011).

Thanks Carol, Ana, and Kenzie for donating them! I’m still waiting impatiently for my local stores to get them.

Matt will also be a presenter at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards airing Sunday, January 16th at 8pm on NBC.

What a great honor! I am so proud of him. I will also post captures and a video clip after it has aired in my area.

21 Comments on “Added InStyle and TV Guide Magazine scans”

  1. Loved the article and the photos!
    I too would like to see Neal get some more action and be a total man-whore!
    OMG I cannot wait to see him shirtless again and better yet in only his underwear as I read in one article (nudie dance).

  2. Glad the scan of the TV Guide came through good. Thanks for posting my scan!
    I love that White Collar and Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay have been featured in the last few issues of TV Guide! It’s awesome to see! I hope this brings lots more viewers to the show!

  3. Beautiful photoshoot. How exciting about the Golden Globes (I know he will be nervous on stage, but then he can meet and greet behind the scenes).

  4. I have to hit the news stands! Too bad we don’t have them on every street corner here in Orlando like they do in New York!

  5. There’s nothing like coming home after a four day business trip and looking at pictures of Matt Bomer!

    Many thank, Kelly! Those pictures of Matt from In Style and the latest promos shots are gorgeous.

  6. Wow! Thanx a lot Kelly! I was getting a little cranky as I couldn’t find the article in the internet. And now I definitely have to watch the golden globe awards. And Matt’s the reason why 🙂

  7. ~~ “That he has a giant head…and needs to make it look as small as possible.” !!!! ROFLMAO. Laughed so hard I cried.

  8. @NameRequired
    Matt actually has a rather large head like so many other successful actors/actresses because large heads are very photogenic and look good on tv/movies. This is a well known fact in Show Business…:)
    I think that Matt has a classical Hollywood moviestar look.

  9. @NameRequired
    Matt has a rather large head. Many successful actors/actresses have large heads, because they look photogenic on tv/movies. It’s a well known fact in Show Business… Matt has a classical Hollywood movie loos for sure. 🙂

  10. ^^ LOL, yeah that was hilarious

    looking forward to the videos for ellen show and his appearance at the golden globes. wish the awards were telecast live in here in india. i remember when i was studying in US, i would try to watch most of the awards during jan-feb season as i’d get to see so many of my favorite stars under one roof.

  11. He’s already doing three shows this month. I’m so happy for Matt! He’s getting more and more famous <3

  12. Matt is presenting the award for Comedy/Musical TV Actor with Kaley Cuoco who is the blonde on the “Big Bang Theory”. Here is what she tweeted about Matt. It seems he is leaving quite in impression on her LOL!

    ” At the Golden Globe rehearsal with gorg Matt Bomer. What life is this?”
    from yesterday

  13. thanx for the heads up on the upcoming issues of magazines w/MattBomer……….but who is on the cover of the InStyle issue that Matt is in????
    thanx again!!!!

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