14 Comments on “Added “White Collar” Episode 2×16 stills”

  1. Yeow! I don’t want the season to end, but cannot wait to see what this episode is all about. Alex is back!

  2. TV Guide states Hilarie Burton will be a series regular in Season 3…interesting given these pics of Matt and Gloria/Alex, huh?

  3. @ Mary: Hardly. Have you seen the comments elsewhere? Not a popular decision, to say the least.

    Looking forward to this ep, however. Matt and Gloria’s chemistry sizzles, even in the photos.

  4. Love Neal-Sara chemistry. They both are witty, clever and of course gorgeous. Don’t like Alex at all. Not only the character, but the actress also. Never felt any kind of chemistry between them. Glad kate died (no offense), hoping Alex will be gone too. Pls give us more Diana and El.

  5. @Mary, you´re not alone!
    I am definitely not excited about Sara returning as a regular either =/
    and i can´t wait to watch this season finale! it´s gonna be a blast

  6. I hope Sara and Alex both stay. Neal need diversity. Remember, he has been in prison for over three years. He must be having the urge to be with someone. That does not mean he needs a steady girl. Let him play the field for awhile.

  7. You can’t pine away forever. I love what the writters are doing with Matt’s character. Let him play the field for awhile! Gives the writters more to work wth. It will get him into trouble at some point no doubt about it.

  8. Even MB has mentioned allowing his character to be a ‘man whore’ for a while. I agree. Sara and Alex would allow him that but not put him in a relationship. As for Kate, I don’t trust that she loved him at the end. I think she was using his love for her. But only Eastin knows.

  9. What happened to Peter? I only see Neal and Alex coming up the steps! Great pictures! I love this seaon! Will have a hard time waiting to Fall for new Season!

  10. I love that you can see that half of his suit is wet after being in the water… so looking forward to this episode. Worried for Neal, Peter and Alex though as it looks they are gonna be in a bind. I can’t help but wonder what the mysterious white room is they keep mentioning at the very end – any ideas?

  11. I wonder if Neal actually loves Kate. It’s fine to move on but then why is he sooo sad? In the third season Sara and Neal have a thing but then what happens to Alex? Very confusing..But we never know what’s really going to happen..

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