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  1. These pictures are really nice. He looks so handsome. I love his smile. Wonder if he went the the Dressed to Kilt Event.

  2. I know he thinks of himself as T shirt and jeans, but he sure cleans up well. Very dapper!
    June 7th is still so far away! sigh!

  3. Thanks for the lovely pics, Kelly. 🙂

    As always Matt is gorgeous and impeccably dressed. And he’s clean shaven!

  4. Desiree: they are the magazine and news people who keep his beautiful face out there for us to see. Not fun, but a necessary evil. It is why, when Jeff Eastin spoke about Matt thinking about going onto Twitter the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Much as it would be fun to Tweet with him it would unleash the hounds making statements, saying things and asking unkind and nosy questions that would make him very unhappy. If he wishes to control his privacy, staying off the internet is a good thing.
    He is such a darling and does not need that kind of negative attention.

  5. Mary, I agree people will say nasty things, but I listened to the video and I did not hear anything negative. What did they say?

  6. I agree with Carol A – I didn’t hear anything negative, I did hear a lady yell something about his sexy smile, and then the word “Sexy!” yelled again later and then Matt starts to laugh. I thought it was cute that he got that much attention just standing there smiling for people! He is so adorable!! People LOVE to look at him! He is so modest when people compliment him.

  7. And another thing – I love how he gets an amazed look when people go crazy over him! I’ve seen other good looking guys stand there like “yeah I know”, but not Matt.. so humble! He has a lookon his face like “All this for ME?!” Just all around BEAUTIFUL PERSON!

  8. Carol A & Rhonda: I wasn’t speaking of the photographers and newsies on the video. I was speaking of the general public that may want to know more than Matt wants to tell about his private life if he gets on the internet for the public to go after. Been out there and have seen what can happen. He is so sweet and real the not so nice folks out here in internet land could pry into none of their business & hurt him.

  9. I do agree regarding the internet. People can and are nasty when they make comments that are hurtful. Nobody deserves to be scruitinized regarding their life choices as long as they are not hurting anyone. I feel the same way. I am very protective of Matt and would never want to see him hurt by nasty comment regarding his life choices. I am very glad he is happy.

  10. I agree with @Deej. I get the impression that people sometimes overlook his abilities because they’re too focused on or distracted by his amazing good looks.

  11. Am curious why Matt attended this particular event about a father training a teenage daughter, the movie’s main character, to be an assassin? Perhaps
    he knows the actor(s), director? Even if we know nothing, like others who comment, I admire his hot self!

  12. I think his true fans are very aware of his talents and are also impressed with his humbleness. I can’t think of anyone out there in showbiz land who has that trait. Great role model! But I can see why it is easy to get distracted by that lovely face since thousands of people see him on their screensavers every day.

  13. Neal and Peter perched on the desk at the end of the pilot is my wallpaper. They are both wonderful actors telling an intriguing story. However, they are both much more than handsome men. Especially Matt … there is more than meets the eye. He is a person of integrity that gives back whenever he gets the chance. I have never heard him say anything disrespectful about anyone. I just wish he was given the same respect by everyone on the internet. So glad there is this forum of fans that appreciate Matt for the beautiful person he is inside and out.

  14. I would love to know what he says to the photographers right at the end of the video! He looks so amused! Can anyone actually hear it?

  15. @Rhonda: He said “I love New York ____” I don’t know what the last word was though. It sounds like he said Westside, Filmside, or Lifestyle? 😛

  16. Thanks Kelly! That is so funny how amused he was at the comments they were yelling to get his attention….He really looked like he was having a great time!
    So, how was it meeting him? Was it wonderful to get a hug? He looks VERY huggable! LOL! 😉 You are SO LUCKY! Are his eyes really as blue as they look in pictures?

  17. It was very wonderful to get a hug! After working so hard on the site, it was definitely a dream come true. I didn’t get to spend that much time with him, but I did notice his great smile and beautiful blue eyes.

  18. You deserve that hug. I know he (and we) appreciate the work you do on this site.
    Sharon M.: That is a good picture you chose for your wallpaper. Mine changes but it keeps coming back to the one of him lounging on the dock in his t-shirt and jeans. Not sure what the promo was but he looks content and happy.

  19. I LOVE the pictures from that photo shoot Suzanne! He looks relaxed and “guy next door” in them!
    And YES! Kelly you definitely deserved that hug! Thanks for keeping up this site! I look on it every day!

  20. Kelly you did and do deserve that hug and I can’t blame you for not remember details. The mind tends to go bye-bye in moments like that.
    He is very humble about his looks, but it was his parents who gave him those looks through genetics. He should say, ‘thank you, but my parents did that’. They also gave him his basics as a very young child, kindness, manners, integrity, etc., after than it is all him and he’s great!!

  21. Our handsome, humble, Christian hunk – oh, Matt, you are the MAN! How many days left until June 7th???? Can’t wait to buy Season 2. When is it coming out?
    I’ve about worn out Season 1 DVD!

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