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Added “White Collar” set photos

I added 18 “White Collar” set photos from today. Thanks Crayen for donating them!

Update: I added 23 more “White Collar” set photos and also a video below.

Thanks to my friend Dbiloo for donating 3 more HQ photos!

PS: I also added a few more photos from a photoshoot in the gallery here.

7 Comments on “Added “White Collar” set photos”

  1. Thanks, Kelly, for the latest photos and videos. I don’t know how you manage to keep up with Matt but it is greatly appreciated.

    I hope Matt is getting a chance to hang with Joe Manganiello and catch up. And is it me, or do Matt’s eyes seem especially blue in pics 2 and 3?

  2. Re: USA photoshoot pics. Other two are good looking, of course, but DAMN does Matty put them to shame.

  3. Yup, both Matt and Joe are very hot, but I agree with Laura, gotta give the nod to Matt.

  4. Thank you, Kelly, seriously, I’m so addicted to this website, I don’t know what I would do without my daily dose of Matt 😀 You’re doing an amazing job 😀

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