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  1. Matt always speaks from the heart. You can just see it in his eyes and relaxed mannerisms. He seems to be compassionately devoted to his friends and family.

    It was fun to see him playing football. He is very competitive whether it is a silly game like the “Shaved by the Bell” trivia or football. Definitely a Type-A personality. He has the drive to be successful at any of his endeavors.

    Kelly, thanks for always keeping us up to date with Matt!

  2. Well said, Sharon M, very well said! And yet there are moments, on tape when he is being interviewed when he is actually shy and blushes. Love that! Rare in his business! Tim DeKay is the same in that respect.

  3. Hi! I’m sort of a new Matt fan and I just discovered this site. Thank you for everything, it’s such an amazing fansite.

  4. Hmm, never see Tim De Kay look shy. He’s so confident and very alpha in a quite, calm way.

    They are two very different characters. Tim is sure of himself, Matt just isn’t. Very shy when in a group situation.

  5. I don’t think he is Type A Sharon. He doesn’t have to be perfect at everything like say Justin Timberlake. He just seems like someone who believes you should always give 100% in everything you do. There’s a big difference between people like that and your typical little Miz perfect type A woman-perfect wife, hair,kids and man-perfect job, wife, teeth! Etc etc lol.

  6. @Rowan – Timberlake perfect at everything? LOL, he perfect at nothing just into everything. He can’t hold a candle to Matt in anything.

  7. Thanks for the video link, Kelly. 🙂 Finally caught up on everything in time for tomorrow’s summer finale.

    I’d never seen Matt and Eliza in Tru Calling so I watched that episode without any preconceptions. Maybe it’s me, but during the scene in her loft after Neal has recovered the scarab and is examining it, there seemed to be a connection between them. I wanted the camera to linger a little longer on that moment instead of cutting away so quickly to the van.

    Matt has never come across as an “A type personality” — highly competitive, aggressive, and wound up tight. That he is described on set as generous with his fellow actors and that he helps set the tone for a positive working environment would suggest he is anything but an “A type”. Matt was having fun playing Shaved by the Bell and from the pictures it looks like he was having fun playing with and cheering on his team mates in the football game. It was all keen, enthusiastic fun and I wouldn’t take it as any more than that.

    I’d also agree with Rowan that Tim DeKay doesn’t across as a shy. I don’t know where Tim was raised, but he comes across as having that relaxed, easy going mid-Western friendliness.

  8. Thanks for posting this. I loved him and Eliza togther on Tru Calling. I loved her on White Collar also. They have still an amazing chemistry and look so sexy together. I am hoping for her return. I agree with melissa I wanted the camera to linger a little longer on them.

    Love your site. 🙂

  9. Has anyone heard a date when WC will return? This break seems longer than usual. It’s hard enough waiting already!

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