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Gallery Update

Sorry it’s been awhile since my last update! Since news has been a little slow lately, I’ve been taking a break from updating the site. I added 4 more photos of Matt at the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards, and 3 more “White Collar” set photos from June 6th donated by my friend Stephanie.

Also, thanks to Angela for the tip about this lovely video!

PS: The September 2011 Desktop Calendar has also been added here.

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  1. This is Fashion Week in N.Y. Remember 2nd episode in White Collar/ “Threads” It was Fashion Week and Neal and Peter were trying to get a cab. Peter complaining that every year it was hard to get transportant. Neal said to Peter: “It’s Fashion Week, Peter, embrace it!” Then he signaled for a cab that squealed to an immeidate stop! Peter just shook his head. So, New Yorkers, Embrace it!

  2. I believe it was LauraCollared who got stills of Matt with this guy when she was at the set. Matt stepped away from the set to speak with him and then the guy went away and came back a bit later with this camera and Matt rejoined him for this little bit. Not just patience, Kelly, but kindness and generosity of heart.

  3. Hey, that’s Radioman! He’s familiar to the crew and actors on many NYC TV and movie sets. Looks like the director recognized him. He pedals from set to set on an old bike.

  4. Wanted to add that Radioman used to a homeless street person. Am I the only one who thinks Radioman resembles Robin Williams with a beard?

    Great to see Matt having a wonderful moment with Radioman.

  5. I was at the set that day too! I was across the street from the filming but I could see Matt with Radioman and was trying to figure out what the two of them were doing. That is so adorable. Matt is very sweet and patient.

  6. Hey Kelly – I was just wondering if you were planning to do anything for Matt’s birthday this year, perhaps along the lines of what you did last year?

  7. Hi Sab, The idea I had fell through due to time constraints. 🙁 I was hoping to do something different than last year. Do you or does anyone else have any ideas?

  8. Great pictures.

    And Matt really kind and generous to spend some of his time.

    Btw Kelly, would love to join if you come out with any plan for Matt’s birthday as long as it does not involve me flying to the US.

  9. Every time i watch this video it makes me laugh!!! It’s so surreal. The kind of stuff that he is put trough, such as being called Matt Bonner, lol. I think he is kind of vain, but a helthy vain and in a charming way…Usually guys with hair like that are vain lol, by the way i love his hair!
    I would love to help with something to the birthay.

  10. He definitely has a developing vain streak but he also seems a genuinely sweet guy. It’s possible to be both. He is human, not god. I still really like him. He is a good actor and seems well balanced.

  11. umm… I would like my hair to look good too if someone was doing an interview with me, so, i dont think he’s vain about his hair..

  12. From what I have observed, Matt Bomer is anything but vain. When I saw him reach up and quickly smooth his hair down that was blowing around, it didn’t bother me at all. After all, he was about to be interviewed.

    Someone as attractive as Matt is presented with the dilemma of how to handle comments and questions involving his appearance. Matt normally seems shy and slightly uncomfortable directly acknowledging compliments about being so handsome and usually reverts to humor.

    I do think his appearance is important to him and I believe that he has stated that dressing for an event shows that you care. He is certainly not vain. I think Matt handles himself appropriately with style and grace whether he is placing his arm around a fan for a photo or being interviewed on the street. Mr. Bomer is a class act!

  13. LOL – Matt was just tidying his hair because he was about to be interviewed. Just normal human behavior and good manners (remember how he’s said he likes to look smart when being interviewed as he feels it shows respect to others). Nothing remotely “vain” about it – unless you interpret self-respect and good manners as vanity. 😉

    Kelly – regarding Matt’s birthday, I don’t have any ideas that wouldn’t be too expensive and/or demanding of your time at this stage, but I think it would be great if you could set up a Birthday Book for us all to sign like last year, so we can post our good wishes. I don’t think it needs to be “bigger and better” every year in order to be worthwhile – maybe a Birthday Book for Matt can become an annual tradition?

    I think it needs to be set up by this site if that’s okay with you, because this is the place most Matt fans come most often. 🙂

  14. I take it all back. He is not just modest without any hint of human flaws or vices but probably controls the sun and the moon with a single smile.

  15. Can we please give the topic of vanity a rest? More importantly, we should be discussing Matt’s upcoming birthday, and what we fans can do to make it special for him. I apologize for being absent from the site lately, and for getting behind on emails. I got rear-ended in my car last week, and it’s kind of difficult to sit in front of the computer right now. Hoping there are new photos and updates on Matt to add soon because I think we’re all getting a little restless. 🙂

  16. Sorry to hear about your accident, Kelly. Sounds like you’re suffering a bit of whiplash. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Take care.

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