12 Comments on “Matt attends 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards”

  1. I’m not sure about the shiny suit, although I guess this was a reflection of this being an edgier kind of fashion event – but Matt is looking ridiculously beautiful.

  2. Did you notice he has his left hand hanging and not his right hand. His left hand is usually in his pocket. He does look beautiful though.
    Has he ever had plastic surgery done on his face? Just curious?

  3. I think if you look at his pics over the years from high school to now its an obvious natural aging process, he just hit the genetic jackpot and takes care of himself.

  4. He reminds me of Montgomery Cliff.

    I know some really good looking men in real life but Matt still catches me by surprise. Even in a shiny suit.

  5. Is it just me or is Matt looking thinner? He looks so handsome and picture perfect as always but somewhat thinner than in the Magic Mike photos.

  6. @ Sharon M. – Matt said he put on (I think it was) about 15 lbs for Magic Mike, to bulk up his physique for the role ‘appropriately’. He’s now back down to Neal weight, so it’s not you, he’s leaner again.

  7. Thanks Kelly. I wanted to clarify that. Someone told me he had. He is a beautiful and lovely man.

  8. These pics of Matt are stunning. I am not sure why Matt would want to lose the 15 lbs he gained for Magic Mike because the 15 extra lbs really suited him, he looked very healthy & fit. Perhaps he doesn’t like to be that buff, OR
    maybe he has started to lose the 25 lb for his role in “The Normal Heart” that Ryan Murphy has said he needed to lose. I DO hope that the 25 lbs is included in the 15 lbs he put on and NOT in addition to. You can really start to see the weight loss in his face in pics 17 to 19 in my opinion. His cheekbones look a little sunken in. Of course he still looks great, but as he transitions into his role he will need the support of his fans even though it might appear quite alarming to some of us. Hopefully he will be able to put in all back on just as quickly. He will have to fit into his suits as Neal again.

  9. beautiful. the pics at the podium remind me of the dentist of detroit episode of WC. he has such fantastic bone structure.

  10. @SaphireDee – I don’t believe this current weight loss is anything to do with The Normal Heart. He’ll need to lose that weight during the break after the first part of filming of the movie. This is normal Neal weight – if you look back over past seasons, you’ll see Matt tends to get very lean as the season’s filming goes on (possibly due partly to the very long hours). I do, however, hope he puts weight back ON before starting to film The Normal Heart, so that he has a lot more weight on him to lose for the latter part of the movie.

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