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  • June 16

    EW’s ‘Untold Stories: Pride Edition’ Podcast

    Written by Jasper

    In celebration of Pride Month, Entertainment Weekly is doing a special four-episode podcast series, Untold Stories: Pride Edition, hosted by Tre’vell Anderson. Matt is part of the first episode wherein he gives a moving tribute to the late Larry Kramer. You can listen to the full podcast episode below. Matt’s part begins around the 38:30 mark.

    August 19

    Matt at “Lunch with Bruce”

    Written by Luciana

    Matt visited yesterday Lunch with Bruce, at SiriusMX radio. The program aired today, and he said he was celibate on college.

    “It’s so sad. I wish I had that time back. Don’t be celibate in college, man,” he told Bruce Bozzi, laughing. “Well see, my freshman year I was still dating girls, so I had some sexual relationships going on there, but then I cut it off at a certain point. I was like, eh, now I’m going to focus on the craft, figure this out, not hurt anybody and get my s*** together, basically.”

    Matt also discussed a more serious topic: realizing his truth as a gay man.

    “I was working at the Utah Shakespeare Festival after my sophomore year of college, and we had a hair and makeup artist who was a transgender girl and did the entire company’s hair and makeup. Her name is Kennedy,” he said. “She did shows when she was very dolled up, but in her day-to-day life she lived very simply, and she was raised in a Mormon family, which was very conservative.”

    Our friend Alejandra recorded the show, and you can listen it below:

    June 24

    Matt Bomer Chat with SiriusMX

    Written by Luciana

    Matt chatted yesterday with The Frank DeCaro Show on SiriusXM, and you can listen now the entire interview. Listen it:


    Bomer went to college with Joe Manganiello.
    “I’ve known Joe since we were 18. We went to college together at Carnegie Mellon. It’s just been so amazing to get to work with somebody that I’ve known for so long.”

    He’s pumped to work with Lady Gaga on American Horror Story.
    “I’m so excited. I start pretty much right when we finish he press tour for [Magic Mike XXL]. I wish I could tell you a lot — all I can say with confidence is it’s a rich, dark tapestry that the brilliant Ryan Murphy has put together this season. I mean, it is dark. All the storylines are very very strong. I’m really excited to work with Lady Gaga …and I get to work with not only her, who I’m a huge fan of as an artist, but also with these great bucket list actors.”

    HBO’s Montgomery Clift biopic is still in the works.
    “This incredible cast is shaping up who I can’t really talk about yet. I’m terrified. It’s a huge, huge responsibility to tell anyone’s story, but someone who is such an icon and so inspirational to me and to really try to paint him in a light that I think he would be proud of and not just give in to all the sort of stereotypes that you hear about his story.”

    June 24

    Audio: Matt Chat on Elvis Duran

    Written by Luciana

    Listen below the interview Matt did earlier today to Elvis Duran.

    January 25

    Meet The Actor: Matt Bomer (Podcast)

    Written by Kelly

    You can now download and listen to Matt’s Q&A with fans at the Soho Apple Store from January 16th for free.

    Meet the Actor: Matt Bomer “White Collar”

    March 13

    James Patterson’s “Toys” audiobook available tomorrow

    Written by Kelly

    Matt narrated the audiobook, so be sure to either order or pick up a copy locally starting tomorrow!

    James Bond and Jason Bourne have just been topped! A battle for the world is set into unstoppable motion and Hays Baker is the only one who can save it.

    Hays Baker and his wife Lizbeth possess super-human strength, extraordinary intelligence, stunning looks, a sex life to die for, and two beautiful children. Of course they do—they’re Elites, endowed at birth with the very best that the world can offer. The only problem in their perfect world: humans and their toys!

    The one with the most toys—dies
    The top operative for the Agency of Change, Hays has just won the fiercest battle of his career. He has been praised by the President, and is a national hero. But before he can savor his triumph, he receives an unbelievable shock that overturns everything he thought was true. Suddenly Hays is on the other side of the gun, forced to leave his perfect family and fight for his life.

    Now a hunted fugitive, Hays is thrown into a life he never dreamed possible—fighting to save humans everywhere from extinction. He enlists all of his training to uncover the truth that will save millions of lives—maybe even his own. James Patterson’s Toys is a thriller on a hyper plane—with a hero who rivals both James Bond and Jason Bourne.

    You can listen to the first 21 chapters here.

    March 10

    Matt’s Mr. Media Interview

    Written by Kelly

    Matt was interviewed by Bob Andelman of Mr. Media.

    Thanks Carol for the tip!

    February 04

    WRUB Student Radio Interview

    Written by Kelly

    Matt was interviewed by WRUB Student Radio on February 1st.

    Thanks KC for the tip! You can listen to the interview here.

    “White Collar” was also featured very briefly on E! News last night.

    December 28

    Matt Bomer & Kelli O’Hara singing “It Only Takes a Moment”

    Written by Kelly

    I added a video and captures from Matt and Kelli’s performance at the 2010 Kennedy Center Honors.

    PS: You can also download the mp3 here.

    July 15

    Added more “White Collar” Season 1 DVD captures

    Written by Kelly

    I added 20 captures from the “White Collar” Season 1 DVD: A Cool Cat in the Hat.

    I also added 116 captures from the “White Collar” Season 1 DVD: Deleted Scenes.

    I also made 11 mp3’s from the “White Collar” Season 1 DVD: Gag Reel for your listening enjoyment.

    Please link back to us if posting them elsewhere! You can download them here.

    PS: Matt will be appearing on Live with Regis and Kelly on Monday, July 26th, 2010. (Source)

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