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  • October 20

    Matt Bomer Gets Additional “Will & Grace” Episodes

    Written by Luciana

    It was announced yesterday that Matt, who was cast for one episode on this Will & Grace season, will be returning for three additional episodes as Will’s (Eric McCormack) suitor McCoy Whitman.

    Bomer’s Whitman is a smooth-talking, self-satisfied TV news anchor who dates Will (McCormack).

    Will & Grace returned October 4 for its 18-episode second season and already has been renewed for an 18-episode third (11th overall).

    October 15

    Matt Bomer joined DC Universe on Doom Patrol

    Written by Luciana

    We’ve been begging DC to cast Matt Bomer as Nightwing for years. It seems DC enjoyed our input but decided to cast him in another project instead. He joined the Titans spinoff series Doom Patrol, as Negative Man. Bomer’s casting was announced Wednesday by Fraser at the Titans world premiere at New York Comic-Con. The actor surprised fans with a video greeting from the show’s Atlanta set.

    Due in 2019, the live-action drama is based on the DC Comics title of the same name. The project revolves around superhero outcasts Robotman (Brendan Fraser), Negative Man, Elasti-Woman (April Bowlby) and Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero), who are led by modern-day mad scientists Dr. Niles Caulder (Timothy Dalton) and Cyborg (Joivan Wade). Alan Tudyk stars as Mr. Nobody.

    Bomer will take on the role of Negative Man, appearing as alter ego Larry Trainor in flashback scenes and providing the character’s voiceover. Matthew Zuk will take on the physical performance of the character on set in costume. He replaces Riley Shanahan, who was previously poised to provide the physical performance of Fraser’s Robotman.

    September 13

    FIRST LOOK: Matt Bomer in “Will & Grace”

    Written by Luciana

    NBC released its pre-shows videos earlier today and, obviously, Will & Grace is among them. We have the first look of Matt on screen – with Will being all of us, forgetting our names when meeting him. Check it below:

    August 28

    First Look on “Will & Grace” Set

    Written by Luciana

    Debra Messing shared on her instagram the first look of Matt Bomer on set of his guest starring episode, and he posted on his instagram with a very cute message with it. Check it:

    August 24

    Will & Grace: Matt Bomer to Guest-Star as Will’s Smug Suitor in Season 10

    Written by Luciana

    Matt Bomer is set to guest star in an upcoming episode of Will & Grace for season two of the revival series!

    The 40-year-old actor will play a love interest for Eric McCormack‘s character Will. Matt‘s role is described as a “smooth-talking, self-satisfied TV news anchor who dates Will.”

    In the same episode, Adam Rippon will be making a cameo appearance as himself and Minnie Driver will return as “Lorraine Finster, Karen’s nemesis/stepdaughter. Karen seeks her out at the strip club Lorraine works at to try and get more money in her divorce settlement.”

    The new season of Will & Grace premieres on Thursday, October 4 at 9pm on NBC.

    March 27

    Gallery: ‘ACS: Versace’ For Your Consideration Event

    Written by Luciana

    Last March 19 Matt attended, alongside cast and crew of The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story an event with a Q&A during the season finale episode at the Director Guild of America in Los Angeles. Our gallery was updated with several pictures of the arrivals, but it seems Matt didn’t took part of the stage Q&A as there’s no picture of him alongside the cast/executive producers. Enjoy!

    November 26

    ‘White Collar’ Season 1 HD Screen Captures, Final

    Written by Luciana

    Here’s the final batch of White Collar season 1 screen captures. In case you did miss it, I decided to remake the caps because the ones we had was still in HDTV quality, with USA Network logos all over the caps. Now, we have clean and bigger caps for our viewing pleasure!

    I have plans on remake the second and third seasons as well, so bare with me while I work on it! Enjoy the caps!

    November 21

    ‘White Collar’ Season 1 HD Screen Captures, Part 2

    Written by Luciana

    It took me a while, but here’s another batch of White Collar season 1 HD logoless screencaptures. The first part can be found here and I have plans to finish the first season until the end of the week.

    Resorting these caps are being quite fun, I can remember (and laugh all over again) some scenes even if I did watch it a long time ago just by looking at the caps. I hope you’re enjoying it!

    October 24

    ‘White Collar’ Season 1 HD Screen Captures, Part 1

    Written by Luciana

    When this site opened, 8 years ago, HD wasn’t still a thing. Well, at least not easy for everyone. White Collar was airing its first season and all captures we have in our site are in HDTV quality, with the USA Network logos all over the place. So I decided to recap the early seasons with better quality caps, logoless.
    Obviously it will take some time, but today I managed to upload the first 5 episodes from Season 1. I hope you enjoy them!

    September 09

    Amazon Cancels ‘The Last Tycoon’

    Written by Luciana

    The Hollywood Reporter just announced that Amazon cancelled The Last Tycoon after some weeks of speculation about if it would be renewed or not.

    The decision arrives days after the retail giant/streamer made an about face and canceled another Fitzgerald drama, the previously renewed Z: The Beginning of Everything, starring Christina Ricci as the author’s wife, Zelda Fitzgerald.

    Amazon had spent roughly $7 million during pre-production on the scrapped season of Z. The cancellations come as what sources say is larger belt-tightening going on at Amazon as the outlet looks for a large-scale hit.

    The streamer is now beginning to rack up a series of one-and-done shows, with The Last Tycoon joining Z as well as its 1970s Newsweek period drama Good Girls Revolt joining drama Mad Dogs.

    As far we receive it with no surprise, its sad to see the show (as the novel itself) unfinished. It had potential to tell more and, sadly, we won’t see the end of it. :/

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