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  1. Since the video is blocked, I am guessing that Matt was a presenter at this event. Matt is such an elegant speaker and seems completely at ease in front of the camera when he is acting. The camera lens obviously loves him. I can’t imagine that he is a shy individual. However, recently I’ve noticed that when he is interviewed he seems uncomfortable with what to do with his hands. They are always either in his pockets or stiffly folded in front of him. I know that sometimes he wears a wedding band and I hope he is not self-conscious because of intruding people and rude questions about his personal life. I hope that he knows that his fans care about him and respect that he is a very private person. He should relax and enjoy the ride that he has worked so hard to achieve!

  2. Thanks so much, Kelly. He seems a little nervous, but he’s always so genuine it’s lovely to see. And it seems supporting an event like this would be right up his street.

  3. Wow, Thanks for the download links. You were right, it’s blocked for other countries. I’m watching it now.

  4. It blocks my country, too! Thank you so much for the thoughtful link, Kelly.
    I’ve been infatuated with Matthew from last year. Your site makes my day everyday 🙂

  5. Thank you for putting up the link. Matt is certainly an eloquent, passionate and animated speaker. He certainly was not stiff or self conscious as I had interpreted from the still screen caps -my apologies. As always he is a gentleman, as it appeared he offered his arm to her as they exited the stage. I am glad to see him relaxed and enjoying doing what he has worked so hard to achieve. He deserves it! I have a feeling we may see him be honored in a similar way in the future.

  6. Thanks for the link to download, my dvd recorder messed up so I didn’t get a copy for myself. FYI Viacom has had a long-running dispute with YouTube. You might try using another site to post the video.

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