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“In Time” Featurette: The Minutes

“In Time” is in theaters tomorrow, October 28th. Don’t miss it!

Thanks Alva for the tip!

New Video: A Little Time With The Stars Of In Time (Thanks Chie for the tip!)

Update: Check out a new interview with Andrew Niccol and the “In Time” cast here.

Question: So twenty-five is the age stopgap in the film. But what age would you all like to get stuck at and why?

KARTHEISER: I got nothing. I mean that’s something I’ve never contemplated. I don’t know. Have you guys ever sat around and thought about something like that?
SEYFRIED: You ever think about eleven?
TIMBERLAKE: Yeah – just eleven.
KARTHEISER: Eleven was a really good year for me.
MATT BOMER: Twenty-seven. The Saturn return year.
KARTHEISER: Saturn return – is that a satellite?
BOMER: Maybe.

9 Comments on ““In Time” Featurette: The Minutes”

  1. Thanks for all the pictures. I did go see the movie, In Time, this morning. I loved the first 20 minutes. Matt was great as I knew he would be. The rest of the movie was ok too but sure wish he would have had more screen time. He is really good.

  2. Not to be dismissive or anything, but even in this clip, he is by faaar the most convincing and natural of them all. He’s seriously talented, so speaking of fairness, he better get some leading roles soon.

  3. Tina,

    He seems to really have the worse agent because it’s what everyone is saying on Twitter etc.

    I mean I’ve liked him pre White Collar and first saw him on movies. Always wondered why he wasn’t in any more? Unless you are from the US, not everyone gets tv that Matt was in like Traveler or WC.

    But Justin Timberlake has an amazing agent. Matt should take note because at least he can act and Justin can’t!

  4. One of the main reasons JT has been getting so many opportunities is that he has what the ‘suits’ in Hollywood consider to be “name recognition”. In their minds (and presumably they consider this backed up by research) they need a “name” to open a film, someone most people know. People may, or may not, agree with that POV (and personally I think Justin is okay as a supporting player, but it’s a mistake to push him as a lead when he doesn’t have the acting chops), but Matt has to work his way up to having the kind of name recognition that will get him lead roles.

    Fans like me who would like to see him get lots of great lead roles might not like it, but it’s the way the system works unfortunately; it’s not a problem with Matt’s agent. Many TV stars don’t get any movie roles during their hiatuses from filming their shows, and Matt’s doing pretty well in that regard. We just have to hope he keeps getting bigger and better opportunities, and that eventually the money guys who need to sign off on him as a movie lead will begin to see sense. I have noticed there is a LOT of internet buzz about him and his talent, so let’s hope that helps.

  5. Matt’s agent is fine. Matt has huge buzz about him now, among the biggest buzz in hollywood right now – only a matter of time. White Collar will ultimatley suffer however, since at some point he will need to weigh when to move on as he has already declined roles due to WC shooting schedule. Matt will be huge one day soon. Remember 99% of actors would love a succusful TV series going into its 4th season. Only a very small perecentage of actors are actually regular working actors. Magis Mike will be huge recognition for Matt once that hits the screen.

  6. White Collar’s rating were declining, and it was the least successful show among US Network last season. So, I think WC will be end for good both for Matt and USA next season then he can choose anything he wants among many movies scripts. Broadway, too. But TV actors/actresses are challenged when their hit series end. Matt is mature and has one of the best guy in this buisiness with him. He will be very successful I’m sure.

  7. Actually WC ratings in the most important statistic, 18-49 were among the strongest USA shows even without a lead in show like half of the others enjoy. It’s a hit and I think Matt will choose to move on before there is any chance of it leaving the air from cancelation.

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