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Added “Magic Mike” captures

I finally added captures from the film, as well as the behind the scenes feature.

PS: So sorry for the delay! Captures from Matt’s extended dance scene will be added soon.

12 Comments on “Added “Magic Mike” captures”

  1. does anyone know how to get to the extras where i can see matt’s full strip scene? there’s only one of him, right? i purchased this movie in amazon instant video and the extras aren’t included. then i rented it from redbox with the same results. i really don’t want to purchase the dvd when i’ve already paid amazon. any info? thanks

  2. well casey the thing is that the extras are for the bluray version only. 🙂 but i’m sure that sonner than later we will get them!

  3. thanks prada and wow – are you serious? what a crappy thing to do to the fans. sorry if my language offended anyone. that’s not right.

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