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  • June 24

    Entertainment Weekly: Meet ‘The Boys in the Band’

    Written by Luciana

    On the June 1st issue, Entertainment Weekly brought an exclusive look into The Boys in the Band. Check the behind the scenes video, and go to our gallery for the digital scans.

    April 16

    Matt covers BHL Magazine

    Written by Luciana

    Matt is on cover of BHL Magazine, in its Summer issue. You can grab your digital copy via Issuu, or subscribe. The pictures used was part of the Todd Snyder Fall campaign, and you can find it in high quality in our gallery as well.

    September 19

    Matt Bomer is on Modern Luxury cover!

    Written by Luciana

    Matt is gracing the cover of Modern Luxury / Angeleno’s October issue. The magazine is already out, and the beautiful photoshoot was made by Brian Bowen Smith. Check scans in our gallery.

    August 03

    ‘The Last Tycoon’ Featured on TV Guide

    Written by Luciana

    The Last Tycoon is featured on the latest issue of TV Guide – now on stands. Check digital scans added in our gallery.

    Credit: Nerd Utopia

    July 29

    Matt Bomer: How the Magic Mike actor conquered Hollywood on his own terms

    Written by Luciana

    By Dan Rookwood for Mr Porter

    To become a star in Hollywood and realise the American Dream, you often have to adopt a persona and leave your true self behind. That’s the experience of Monroe Stahr, the central character in Amazon Prime’s lavish new period drama The Last Tycoon, a wunderkind studio executive who ditches his Jewish name (Milton Sternberg) and heritage in order to metamorphose into a power player in the golden age of cinema. But for Mr Matt Bomer, who plays Stahr in the 10-episode adaptation of Mr F Scott Fitzgerald’s unfinished novel, the opposite is true.

    After making his name on US TV, most notably as a suave conman in 81 episodes of White Collar and then in 13 episodes of American Horror Story, Mr Bomer found international recognition in 2012 playing a ripped male stripper who drives women crazy in Magic Mike and its equally wild 2015 sequel Magic Mike XXL. In a demonstration of his range, that same year he won a Golden Globe for his moving performance as HIV/AIDS sufferer Felix Turner in the HBO film The Normal Heart. But his “first real acting role” was to spend several years as a young man growing up in a loving, conservative Christian family in Bible Belt Texas pretending he was straight.

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    July 29

    The Last Tycoon reveals Hollywood’s Golden Boy

    Written by Luciana

    Matt Bomer enbraces role as 1930s Jewish producer in F. Scott Fitzgerald novella.
    By Frazier Moore to Toronto Star

    When he landed the lead in The Last Tycoon, Matt Bomer had never read the timeless F. Scott Fitzgerald novella on which the series is based. But by chance, he had just finished an other celebrated novel set in 1930s Hollywood, Nathanael West’s The Day of the Locust.

    “I was contemplating the themes both books deal with: How do you mantain your artistry in such a commercial industry as the movies – and can you? And I was thinking about how much Hollywood has changed since that time period. And how little has really changed.”

    Before long, Bomer would be poring over Fitzgerald’s prose to prepare for his Last Tycoon portrayal.

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    May 01

    Matt covers ‘OUT – The Pride Issue’

    Written by Luciana

    Matt Bomer is gracing the cover of OUT – The Pride Issue, out this May 1st. On this interview, he talks to Girls’ Andrew Rannells about his days as a soap opera hustler, growing up in the Bible Belt and life before (and after) coming out.

    Scans will be uploaded asap. Check below the interview.

    There’s a nice symmetry in casting a gay actor from Texas to play a different kind of Hollywood outsider, as the producers of Amazon’s The Last Tycoon have done with Matt Bomer, the former White Collar star who also won a Golden Globe in 2015 for his performance as Felix Turner in Ryan Murphy’s HBO adaptation of Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart.

    This time Bomer plays Monroe Stahr, a self-invented Jewish director in the mold of Irving Thalberg, one of early Tinseltown’s great producers. Loosely based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s unfinished novel of the same name, The Last Tycoon is written and directed by Billy Ray, best known for his work as a screenwriter for crowd-pleasers such as The Hunger Games, though he also directed the critically acclaimed 2003 movie Shattered Glass, about the fraudulent and discredited journalist Stephen Glass. For his first long-form drama series, Ray has not skimped on period detail, and the production is achingly stylish and sumptuously lit. But it also promises to evolve over the course of its nine-episode season into a compelling creation myth of modern-day Hollywood.

    Bomer, who started his career in theater, recently sat down with his old friend Andrew Rannells (Girls) to open up about Tycoon, the coming-out process, and his crazy stint as a soap star.

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    May 20

    Matt Bomer Is Absolutely on Fire Right Now

    Written by Luciana

    Mens Fitness – By Mark Clayton

    Long before he broke hearts as a lovably devilish ladies’ man on USA’s White Collar or shed 40 pounds for a Golden Globe–winning role as an AIDS victim in HBO’s The Normal Heart—and certainly before he gyrated alongside Channing Tatum in the Magic Mike films or played a vampire on FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel—Matt Bomer was a Texas high schooler valiantly defying any and all stereotypes of what it meant to be a man.

    Was he a handsome jock or a shape-shifting thespian? A gun-toting good ol’ boy who’d been hunting since he was 8 or a gay man coming of age in one of America’s reddest states?

    Well, turns out he was all of them—at least, as long as his schedule allowed it.

    “Unfortunately, my senior year I left the football team because I got a play at the Alley Theater in Houston,” says the 38-year-old Bomer, who still looks back fondly on his days as a wide receiver and defensive back. “I was crazy fast,” he says. “I ran good routes, and I had good hands. I didn’t drop passes!”

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    May 09

    “The Nice Guys” Featured on Cinema Teaser

    Written by Luciana

    Our gallery was updated with digital scans of Cinema Teaser‘s May issue, featuring The Nice Guys. Whilst the whole issue is focused on the main actors/characters, there’s a very nice new promotional image of Matt. I’ve uploaded the whole feature, so you can enjoy it!

    April 15

    EW Summer Movie Preview: “The Nice Guys”

    Written by Luciana

    The Nice Guys is featured on current “Summer Movie Preview” issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine, currently on stands. On the issue Russell Crowe talks about one particular scene he shot with Matt.

    When Crowe and Bomer came to film a particularly physical scene, the Oscar winner calmed the younger actor’s nerves by making fun of his performance in a certain film about male strippers. “I had to strangle him at one point,” says Crowe. “I could tell Matt was a little bit tense, and I’m putting my hands around his throat, and just that milisecond before Shane called ‘Action!’ I just said ‘This one’s for Magic Mike!’ It made him relax, and we got on with the rest of the day’s work.”

    Check the digital scans added in our gallery.

    The Nice Guys is out next May 20.

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